18 Traits to Look For In a Good Remodeler (Part 2)

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18 Traits to Look For In a Good Remodeler

(Part 2)

by Keith Dmytryck

Embarking on a remodeling project is something that you take on only once or twice in your life and had better be done only by the best remodeler you can find. How do you find the remodeler who can bring cost-effective value to your home?
Before reading the rest of this article, read Part 1 first. Here are the rest of the 18 traits to look for in a good remodeler.

9. Has good record from the Better Business Bureau
Call the Better Business Bureau and the local consumers’ office to check on the remodeler’s company for any consumer complaints. In general, a good remodeler is one who has a solid record of being an honest advertiser and seller.
It may be possible for him to have a few complaints but records should show that the complaints are few and far between and have been addressed promptly and to the client’s satisfaction. Not all complaints are indicative of a bad contrqactor as there are also unreasonable homeowners. The key is to look at how the remodeler resolves complaints.

10. Client-centered
A good remodeler seeks to uphold and implement the homeowner’s preferences, tastes and style and not impose his own likes. At the end of the day, you—not the remodeler—will live in your home and so you better have a house that reflects you and serves your needs.

11. Solid portfolio
A remodeler’s portfolio is the most telling evidence of his value. Ask the remodeler for homeowners he has worked with in the past and find time to check on the homeowners to determine the quality, craftsmanship and level of professionalism the remodeler displayed.

12. Provides contract price
Avoid, at all costs, the remodeler who does not provide an affordable contract price or who seems unclear as to the budget range. A good remodeler will set a budget and help you to stay within that budget. He will engineer certain features in your home to keep costs down without compromising integrity or aesthetics.

13. Gives you security and peace of mind
A good remodeler is one who, by his professionalism, promptness and honesty will keep you secure and peaceful throughout the project. Because you know he is organized, competent and highly-experienced, you feel secure and not stressed-out.

14. Shows progress on design
A good remodeler keeps abreast of the new designs. Over the years, he should have shown progress on his designs and not be stuck on some outdated ones.

15. Shows attention to detail
A good remodeler pays close attention to your every order. He should meticulously follow every detail that you requested and come up with a design-revision in a timely manner.

16. Has good communication skills
Home remodeling takes some time and lots communication is needed throughout the remodeling project. You want a remodeler that is easy to talk with, polite, clear and transparent. Be wary of remodelers who are inattentive, dismissive and rude.

17. Has the right mindset
A good remodeler maintains the mindset that although he has been building houses for many years, it is still the homeowner who must call the shots. He consults with the homeowner every step of the way during the project to make sure the house will truly meet the homeowner’s needs.

18.  Earth-friendly
The last thing you want is to live in a house filled with toxic fumes and hazardous materials. At the very least, your remodeler should use VOC-free paint. If possible, he should provide guidance on how to make your home more environmentally- and health-friendly.

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