Your Basement: Space to Create an Ideal Accessible Bath

Your Basement: Space to Create an Ideal Accessible Bath

accessible bathroomIf you saw our last post on the many options for finished basements, you’ve seen the cost-effectiveness of increasing your livable space by having your basement professionally finished. The beauty of all that available space really shines through when your remodeling needs include accommodating wheelchair accessibility. The space requirements for wider doorways, adequate turnarounds, and barrier-free thresholds and shower areas can be challenging to reconfigure in existing rooms. (more…)


Innovation Construction Co.. is devoted to helping seniors age independently and in place.

Remodeling with universal design in mind and an eye on cost.

Accessibility and value are two key concerns for remodeling clients today.

Accessibility for the growing number of baby boomers who want their homes to accommodate them as they age. Value for budget-minded homeowners who are trying to stretch every dollar further in a tight economy.

With smart planning and foresight, accessibility expenditures can be gradually paced, beginning with minor but practical changes that are cost-conscious from the start and working into more dramatic renovations that will ultimately be hugely cost-effective investments that can avert the necessity of a financially draining move to assisted living. (more…)