Advantages to a green eco friendly home

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Advantages of Having An Eco-friendly Home

If you think an eco-friendly home is only for environmental activists, think again. A green home offers far more advantages than you think. Here are some of the obvious advantages of eco-friendly homes over traditionally-built homes.

Makes your home’s environment healthier

The foremost advantage of having an eco-friendly home is the health benefits it will provide. A green home is made of natural building materials which are naturally low or free from toxins and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) which have been implicated in a range of health problems.
Eco-friendly homes are also designed to make use of orientation to bring in natural light and ventilation, improving the quality of indoor air temperature and humidity. Moreover, green homes usually come with systems for natural gardening and lawn maintenance – in most cases irrigated by rainwater catchments and recycled water.

Saves money on bills

The initial investment in building a green home may run higher than conventional building methods and materials but in the long term, an eco-friendly home will save you money in electric, water and fuel bills. Green homes almost always come with renewable sources of energy such as solar and wind which take care of your electrical, ventilation, heating and cooling needs. Rainwater catchments coupled with water-saving devices and technologies also reduce your water bills. Natural insulation techniques and materials reduce your need for heating.

Helps the environment

As the world is getting bogged down by various environmental problems, it is wise to make a green contribution by building a sustainable home. Only an eco-friendly home can work with, rather than against, the environment.
A house that is constructed out of rapidly renewable and salvaged materials helps in reducing deforestation and increasing the world’s recycling efforts. A house that operates on endless energy sources such as the sun and wind helps to reduce fossil fuel depletion. The use of construction, adhesive and bonding materials that do not give off toxic gases helps reduce global air pollution. Green homes are also constructed in a manner which does not significantly change the earth’s natural landscape, thus leaving little impact on the environment.

Earns higher tax credits

The government recognizes the value of green homes in bringing health, financial savings and ecological contributions to people and thus encourages the building of such homes by way of offering higher tax credits. These tax incentives are offered at both the federal and state levels.

Is beautiful and comfortable

A green eco-friendly home is almost always a beautiful and comfortable home. Wood is naturally pleasing to the eyes and the feet. Jute, hemp and bamboo fibers look rustic and warm. These natural materials do not give off harmful gases and thus serve to improve indoor air quality. Passive heating and cooling methods also make your home more comfortable, bright and fresh.

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