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Aging in Place Kitchen Design


aging in place kitchen

Example of clearance beneath sink, lowered work surfaces, wall oven and ample maneuvering space.

See Innovation Construction Company’s first two installments of this series: Call Your House a Home for Life and Modify Your Home for Life: THE BATH.

Although aging brings challenges, your home doesn’t need to be one of them. Today, even as you face difficulties with everyday tasks, you can remain in your own home for many years. This increasingly popular plan of “aging in place,” means more than just staying put and struggling with impairments or chronic health conditions. You need a place to live that is safe and fits with your abilities: with today’s age-in-place design innovations, you can modify your home to adapt to your changing needs.

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Aging in Place Bathroom Design

Aging in Place Bathroom

With age comes change, and some of it is unwelcome. When a cherished home turns into a challenging obstacle course, the solution might seem obvious: move to an assisted living or other age-adapted residence.  But, as we discussed in a previous article, Call Your House a Home for Life, age-in-place design innovations now afford older Americans the option of modifying their homes to suit their changing needs.Continue reading…

Call Your House a Home for Life

Certified Aging in Place Builder

(Keith is credentialed as a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) through (NAHB), the National Association of Home Builders.)

The mid-century “baby boom” has become the “retirement boom.” And, although some changes are inevitable with age, boomers are still shaking things up. They aren’t all ready to give up their homes and move to retirement villages or assisted living. Instead of uprooting themselves to find age-adapted housing, older Americans increasingly are modifying their homes to suit their changing needs. This is such a sweeping trend it has its own name – “aging-in-place” – and its own organization – the National Aging-in-Place Council (NAIPC).Continue reading…