Alms House

Necessary Replacements For Alms House Homes

Because Of Their Age, Many Homes In Mattapoisett’s Alms House Neighborhood Need Major Replacements

Most homes in the Alms House neighborhood of Mattapoisett, MA are at the age where major replacements are needed. While there is new construction to be found in this area, newer homes are few and far between. Owning a home in this area is all about making upgrades and replacements. Not that that is a bad thing: many Alms House residents buy homes in this area specifically because they appreciate the historic charm of the homes here. Here are some ways to upgrade those homes without sacrificing their historic charm.


One of the biggest upgrades that homes in Mattapoisett, MA lack is adequate siding. The wooden siding original to many of the Cape Cod-style and New England Colonial-style homes in this area could need to be replaced for a variety of reasons:

●     Rot

●     Weather Damage

●     Termite Damage

●     Discoloring

Vinyl siding is a popular upgrade in the Alms House neighborhood. Vinyl siding is sturdy and can stand up to the harsh New England weather. Also, with vinyl siding, you will not have to worry about the color scratching or flaking off, as it goes all the way through the siding. Homeowners in Alms House who want to maintain the historic charm of their home, but want something more durable than traditional wood siding provides, opt for wooden cedar shingles or clapboard siding. This hearty siding gives your home the historic look of real wood, without most of the defects. Western red cedar clapboard siding, for example, is highly resistant to natural decay.

Windows And Doors

Windows and doors on historic Mattapoisett, MA homes also need to be replaced. Fortunately, Innovation Construction Company has been replacing windows and doors in this area since 1980 (when replacing windows and doors, it pays to hire an experienced contractor in Mattapoisett, MA).

Replacing windows on an old Alms House home is especially important, because – as anyone who has spent considerable time in this area knows – winter drafts can be downright brutal. On top of that, the old windows that are to be found on many homes in Alms House are not very energy-efficient. Chances are, new windows will mean a lower heating bill. Energy-efficient windows (especially with two or three panes) will make your Mattapoisett, MA home more comfortable and cost-effective.

Door replacements in Mattapoisett, MA are also necessary in most cases. Old doors in this area can also contribute to energy loss and bitterly cold winter drafts. Back in the day, homeowners in Alms House just dealt with it, but you don’t have to. A gap as small as an eighth of an inch between the door and frame can cause major air leaks. You will often find this in older Alms House homes, as these homes were not designed with energy efficiency in mind. Call a contractor at Innovation Construction Company to replace your outdated doors, so the warm air stays inside your home and the cold air stays out.