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Scusset Beach Front Window Solutions by Innovation Construction


This Scusset Beach, beachfront, seasonal-use home had its windows and siding replaced approximately 15 years ago. The highest quality Pella brand windows were installed, and the waterside windows have leaked and failed.


Innovation Construction has learned what works in these environments to halt water infiltration around all openings. We use a combination of products which include ice and water barrier; house wrap; custom-bent, aliminum-sloped fill pans; sealant applied behind the new construction nailing fin; and a self-adhering membrane window flashing over the nail fin.

Now THIS window is sealed against water infiltration!

Innovation Construction Adds New Windows and Siding on an Onset Cottage


This three-sided waterfront family cottage was originally built in 1932. It survived the hurricanes of 1938 and 1954, and was the family summer destination of its second-generation owner.


Having purchased the property from the family estate, our homeowners set out to update the exterior in a traditional yet durable and carefree manner. It is their hope to hand down this hidden gem to their children.

We removed all the sidings and rotted wood trim. Our homeowners selected the Eastern white cedar Maibec solid-color, two-coat, prestained shingle featuring the strongest warranties available: 50 years against wood decay, 15 years on the solid color retention, and 5 years on labor.

We replaced the exterior wood trim with Azek PVC trim boards. This cellular PVC trim is the best and most high-performance trim product on the market. Azek adhesives and concealed fasteners finished out the installation.

The window selected was the Harvey brand Majesty series double-hung wood window featuring genuine wood interiors and a maintenance-free, aluminum-clad exterior. All Majesty windows are custom-made to the sizes required. With experienced, accurate measurements, the new construction-style windows marry up seamlessly to the existing wood interior trim. These new windows feature tilt-in sash, Energy Star-rated glass, and Harvey’s proprietary, virtually invisible screens for unobstructed views.

Innovation Construction Replaces a Wood Window Sash


Replacing and updating windows with new Energy Star-rated replacement windows often must be done carefully, with no change in appearance to the exterior of the building. This is especially the case in many HOA neighborhoods, such as those often found on Cape Cod.


In this home, we replaced 20-year-old windows with new Energy Star-rated and insulated window sash kits. (This is an ideal solution to drafty old windows.) This video visually illustrates the steps that were taken to accomplish this process.

Take a look at the final moments in the video. It is virtually impossible to detect any changes in appearance in both the interior and exterior! If you need to replace any of your windows and are looking for a home improvement contractor who can do so seamlessly, contact us for a no-cost consultation and estimate.

New Roof and Second Floor Addition on a Waterfront Cottage in Wareham


These clients had extensive storm damage to their roof. Upon careful inspection by Innovation Construction and a conversation with the client, it was decided that the best move both for now and for future generations would be to add a second floor. This gave them two new bedrooms, a new bath, and plenty of room for future grandkids to come and play!


Looking to add on to your home or redo your roof? Give us a call for ideas and an estimate!

Building a TREX Deck in Fairhaven, MA


This West Island project, located in Fairhaven, MA, was done using Trex materials. We created a new deck platform and stairs up the side of the house, then enlarged the original deck to an entertaining-size at the rear of the house. We finished by building a maintenance-free outdoor shower.


We’d be happy to do the same for you so you can extend your outdoor living this summer. Give us a call!

West Wareham Kitchen Renovation Project


We completed this kitchen renovation project in a small Victorian cottage in West Wareham in 2016. The project included adding a new window, ceramic tiles on the floor, new walls, and a back door. We also installed new granite countertops and new cabinets for extended storage space.


Looking to renovate your own kitchen? Give us a call for ideas and an estimate!

Ellisville Cedar Deck Project by Innovation Construction


This Ellisville, MA family compound is located well off the beaten track. As the family has grown, additional deck space has been added.


By using the flare Bigfoot-style footings, our clients now have the option to add a roof and walls to their new deck anytime in the future for additional space.


Our handrails are all #1 grade cedar, the natural, durable, and insect-resistant wood product. The wood frame is pressure-treated.


The decking installed is also red cedar. All fasteners used are stainless steel. The decking surface is installed at a 45-degree angle to increase the beauty of the deck.


Looking to build or add to your deck? Give us a call for ideas and an estimate!

Building a TREX Deck in Plymouth, MA


This aging wood deck in Plymouth, MA was in need of a complete renovation. We rebuilt it using Trex materials, including custom-built and matching composite flower boxes for a cohesive and maintenance-free look.


Like what you see? Give us a call and we’ll help you build the deck of your dreams!

Best Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Choosing the Best Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

Where should I start when choosing kitchen appliances?

As with your overall kitchen remodel, think about how you use your kitchen. How well do your current appliances meet your needs? Do you love to bake? Are you typically a solo cook or does the whole family get involved? How much refrigerator space do you need? Do you usually use fresh ingredients or do you use mostly frozen food? You need a kitchen that fits your lifestyle. Functionality, size and style are all important considerations when you plan a kitchen remodel. They affect the usability, look and space of your new kitchen, as well as traffic patterns.Continue reading…

kitchen lighting solutions

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Kitchen Lighting Solutions for Your Renovation

How can I get more natural light in my kitchen area?

We have mentioned the importance of plenty of light to help keep a small kitchen from feeling cramped, but every kitchen needs ample lighting, regardless of its size. The more natural light you can get, the better. Something to consider to increase natural light is adding a window or enlarging existing windows. If you live in a single-story home, have you thought about installing skylights? VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylights?  How about glass doors?Continue reading…

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