Call Your House a Home for Life

(Keith is credentialed as a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) through (NAHB), the National Association of Home Builders.)

The mid-century “baby boom” has become the “retirement boom.” And, although some changes are inevitable with age, boomers are still shaking things up. They aren’t all ready to give up their homes and move to retirement villages or assisted living. Instead of uprooting themselves to find age-adapted housing, older Americans increasingly are modifying their homes to suit their changing needs. This is such a sweeping trend it has its own name – “aging-in-place” – and its own organization – the National Aging-in-Place Council (NAIPC). (more…)


Your basement is a gold mine of untapped real estate – extremely valuable when you need to expand your space on a budget, as you’ve seen in our post about cost-effective basement conversion options.  It’s a very appealing option when you require accommodation for wheelchair accessibility, as the basement offers blank space waiting to be shaped rather than “worked around” – with the opportunity to build tricky custom areas, such as an accessible bath, more easily to specs. And when you need to carve a complete accessible living space, the professional basement conversion is ideal. (more…)

Your Basement: Space to Create an Ideal Accessible Bath

Your Basement: Space to Create an Ideal Accessible Bath

accessible bathroomIf you saw our last post on the many options for finished basements, you’ve seen the cost-effectiveness of increasing your livable space by having your basement professionally finished. The beauty of all that available space really shines through when your remodeling needs include accommodating wheelchair accessibility. The space requirements for wider doorways, adequate turnarounds, and barrier-free thresholds and shower areas can be challenging to reconfigure in existing rooms. (more…)

Home Remodeling: A Garage Becomes a Library

(This is the second installment of a two-part series on our garage transformation. Click here to view Part 1.)

An old or unused garage is a waste of space and a waste of your expensive real estate. We at Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build helped one local homeowner solve this problem with dramatic results when we converted an outdated garage to an outstanding library with multi-use space. (more…)

Innovation Earns Certification in Advanced Finish Carpentry

Local builder and remodeling expert Keith Dmytryck, owner and operator of the Wareham-based Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build, is pleased to announce his latest certification in an ongoing effort to continually improve his expertise and keep up with the latest in cutting edge techniques.

On September 23, 2011, Keith attended the day-long Gary Katz Fine Finish Carpentry Clinic in Rockland, MA, earning certification in advanced finish carpentry skills. Already an expert carpenter/builder with over thirty years of experience, Keith continues to seek opportunities to enhance these skills. (more…)