Federal Tax Credits for Consumer Energy Efficiency

There are still federal tax credits available to consumers who purchase certain energy-efficient products.  The Energy Star website has a list of the products that are available for tax credits, and the amounts.  They also note that not all energy efficient products will necessarily qualify.

“ENERGY STAR distinguishes energy efficient products which, although they may cost more to purchase than standard models, will pay you back in lower energy bills within a reasonable amount of time, without a tax credit.” (more…)

Algae Streaks on Roofs

You’ve seen them.  Those unsightly black streaks on the roof of an otherwise-beautiful home.  They are not caused by soot from the chimney, as some may believe, but are actually algae that form on the shingles.

Algae grows most often on a roof that is shaded by trees, or on the North side of the home, which receives less sunlight.

Does this black algae shorten the life of a roof? Some say it really has no affect. Others disagree, arguing that the algae actually feeds off of the limestone filler that’s an ingredient in many asphalt shingles. (more…)

Increase Cost of Building Materials After a Rough Winter

The building industry cannot escape the law of supply and demand.

Recently there was an article in an online roofing magazine (RoofingAuthority.com) reporting a double digit increase in the price of shingles.  The increase is due to the increased demand for shingles in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.  Imagine the huge number of roofs needing to be replaced after the devastating hurricane.  Manufacturers shipped large supply orders to the east coast, leaving less for the rest of the country. (more…)

Recyclable, Sustainable Building Materials from AZEK

Keith is a Certified Green Building Professional already committed to using such cutting-edge green products as Mold Defense GREENGUARD, an interior gypsum that contains low-emission and recycled materials, and HEATLOK SOY, an energy-efficient polyurethane spray foam that uses recycled rigid plastic waste and soy.

In his search for equally green high quality exterior products for his home improvement services, he found AZEK more than filled the bill. (more…)