Basement Bathroom Designs

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Basement Bathroom Designs

There are basement bathroom designs that can add or subtract from the value of your home. Adding a bathroom into your basement makeover project not only makes your life a little simpler, it also improves your home value, if done properly. If you’ve turned your finished basement or are planning to finish it into an extra bedroom, suite, game space or exercise room, a basement washroom allows you to stay in the basement and not have to trek upstairs when nature calls.

As wise as this house enhancement project may appear, though, constructing a bathroom in the basement isn’t something to rush into. A number of issues make below ground plumbing jobs more complex than those on upper floors. Address those concerns in your building plans and basement bathroom designs before you even start on a basement finishing project. Hire a highly competent bathroom contractor and everything should go off without a hitch.

Even if you’ve built a bathroom in your home before, the added complexity of below ground plumbing suggests adding a bathroom in the basement is a task best left to an expert basement contractor. Still, getting familiar with the requirements of the project will make it easier to work with your basement finishing contractor to create precisely the bathroom design you want. Knowing what special challenges lie ahead in the planning and building of a basement bathroom will save you a lot of headaches and money.

Basement Bathroom Designs to consider

Your primary step needs to be to call your regional building authority and get all permits needed. With any construction project, particularly in a basement, there are possible zoning ordinances, building requirements and/or deed restrictions you’ll need to think about.

Preferably, the objective is to build the new bathroom as close to the existing plumbing and electrical circuitry as possible. If you had to chose one or the other, being close to the plumbing is more important and a bigger cost savings. Locating your basement bathroom directly below the one on the floor above typically works best. This makes utility hookups simpler and less costly.
The kind of bathroom you desire is the next consideration for your basement bathroom designs. Do you really want a full bath, or would you be content with a half-bath?

If you do want a full bath, then consider an affordable corner shower instead of a tub if the budget is a concern. Heating and waterproofing the new bathroom also must be figured into the plans. A high-power ventilation fan to draw out moisture is crucial.

The biggest challenge in building a bathroom in your basement is drainage. Water moves from high to low, but basements start off low. So then waste water has to move from low to high. This is why hiring a highly competent basement contractor with experience in installing bathrooms in a basement is so important. Quality and experience is definitely not an area to skimp on when comparing quotes and choosing the best basement contractor.

In our next post we will discuss the different options available today for getting waste water to travel in the opposite direction. But if you don’t want to wait two weeks, then contact Innovation Construction Co today. We will be glad to help guide you with your basement bathroom designs.

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