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Your basement is a gold mine of untapped real estate – extremely valuable when you need to expand your space on a budget, as you’ve seen in our post about cost-effective basement conversion options.  It’s a very appealing option when you require accommodation for wheelchair accessibility, as the basement offers blank space waiting to be shaped rather than “worked around” – with the opportunity to build tricky custom areas, such as an accessible bath, more easily to specs. And when you need to carve a complete accessible living space, the professional basement conversion is ideal.

An accessible living space has unique requirements: wider doorways, adequate turnarounds, and barrier-free thresholds. Your basement offers

  • Relatively open plan for design freedom
  • Fewer complications than reconfiguring existing rooms
  • More area than an alcove “borrowed” from current living space.

Having your basement professionally finished is also more cost effective than building an addition, since all construction normally stays within the existing house structure. “Professional” is a vital key word in this project, especially when planning a living area. At Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build, we have the expertise and years of experience to transform your basement to an accessible living suite that’s beautiful and functional – and safe. Safety for basement level accessible living requires specialized attention to ingress and egress.

INGRESS from the upstairs living space can be accommodated to the house design and individual needs. An electric or battery powered stair lift is one of the most affordable and easily installed, with tracks affixed to existing stairways. “Affordable” doesn’t mean “cheap” – but adaptations to your existing home are almost always less expensive than new additions. Adaptive devices might also be eligible for outside financial aid. Resources include the Agency On Aging and Veterans Administration (VA).

EGRESS from a basement area is essential for safety in case of emergencies such as fire or flood. If yours is a walkout basement, you’re ahead of the game. If not, specific code requirements (such allowing no more than 44 inches from the floor to the bottom of the window opening) require professional attention. Some basements have windows that can be retrofitted and some need new openings cut. With the installation of properly operating egress windows, residents can escape or be rescued should the stairway not be accessible. Our resource list already includes the main egress window manufacturers, such as Pella and Andersen. Our experience can help you decide the right design options. And, of course, we stand behind our work.

Innovation an A+ BBB-Rated home improvement contractor, GREEN CERTIFIED, member of the Greater Plymouth Builders Association, and A/Rated on Angie’s List. We are a local business with pride of workmanship and the experience and expertise to be your one-stop builder and remodeler.

For over three decades, we have successfully facilitated the remodeling dreams of homeowners across South Shore and Southeastern MA, including Duxbury, Wareham, Marion, Rochester, Kingston, Plymouth, Plymouth County, Barnstable County, and Cape Cod.

Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build is proud to offer Green Building options. We are dedicated to incorporating sustainable living solutions into our projects.

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