Basement Designs

Where do I start with basement designs?

There are many things to consider when you start planning out some basement designs to convert your basement into livable space. The first is how you would like to utilize the space. Are you a looking to create an apartment or suite for your older teen, or elderly parent? Perhaps you are considering a family room that would enable you to spend quality time with your spouse and children. A game room is always fun. Wouldn’t it be great to create a media room? Your very own movie theater! Art studios are popular as well; they allow your family to unleash their creativity. As with any major renovation or remodel project, make sure to apply for the proper permits with your local government.

Are there special considerations if I want to add a bathroom to my basement?

If you would like to add a bathroom to your basement, the most convenient placement would be directly beneath an existing bathroom. You will need to consider the slope of your current plumbing. Will it be sufficient to provide proper drainage? Consider purchasing a pressure assisted toilet which will push waste out with some force, to eliminate the risk of blockage.

What can I do to stop dampness in my basement renovation?

Before starting any basement remodeling project your basement designs must consider moisture issues in your current basement. If you have standing water on the floor, you have a seepage issue. The best way to remedy this is to excavate the soil around your home, creating a slope for water to travel away from the house foundation. You should also install downspout extensions and clean your gutters to reduce seepage. Do you have cracks, gaps, or holes in your basement wall? Fill these with the appropriate filling material. Ensure that you have a professional company waterproof your outside foundation with sealant to prevent water from coming in the basement. If you have a large moisture buildup, think about installing a sump pump to drain the water. You could even apply masonry waterproofer with a roller and brush to prevent water buildup. In any case, it is crucial to invest in a high-power ventilation fan to draw moisture from the basement as well.

How do I make my ugly basement walls look nice?

Choosing the type of wall you wish to finish your basement with is important. You can use drywall if you first install insulation board to your concrete/cinder block walls. The advantage of installing drywall is that you have room for electrical and plumbing lines behind it; you are, however, at risk for moisture damage and termite infestation of the studs. An alternative is a basement paneling system, which is moisture resistant and easy to install.

What are the benefits of a basement renovation?

There are many advantages to finishing your basement. By finishing your basement, you eliminate the need to create costly Home addition to your home, you increase your living space and, if done properly, you increase your home’s current market value.

Is Innovation Construction the best choice for my basement remodel?

If you are in the greater South Shore area, Wareham or Upper Cape Cod MA, yes! We have 30+ years of experience converting dingy damp basements into comfortable and attractive livable space. We can help guide you in your basement designs so that you make the best choices to fit within your budget.