Basement Finishing Ideas

So you want your basement to be much more than a storage area but would like some basement finishing ideas? Transforming your basement into truly useful, livable space will save you from having to make costly Home addition to gain the space you need. It will also raise the value of your property.

A renovated basement is a great asset, but can present challenges to the renovator. Some of the most common problems you may encounter during a basement makeover are low ceilings, little to no natural light, dampness, and basic inaccessibility. If you are wondering how to make a basement into livable space, find a finished basement company with experience finishing a basement.

It is wise to seek the help of an expert when considering finishing a basement. Find a finished basement company you can trust to look over your basement, discuss your options, and help you evaluate your basement finishing ideas. Sometimes only a pro can see past the problems and give you a vision of your basement’s potential.

What are the favorite uses for a basement space? Here are the top five basement finishing ideas:

1. Apartment or Suite

Do you need space for a semi-independent living unit for your older teenage child or for your elderly parent? Called an in-law apartment or secondary suite, a self-contained space where one can cook, eat and live will provide privacy and independence for those who need it, and add value to your home.

2. Family Room

Wondering how you can make more room for your growing family to enjoy time together? If your basement space is large enough, consider using it as a subterranean family room. Brighten up the space with fresh paint, add warmth with a rug or carpet and camouflage pillars with wood paneling. Add comfortable furniture and fun accessories with pops of color, and your basement will become your favorite place to hang out with your favorite people.

3. Game Room

One of the most popular uses for renovated basement space is fun. Pool, cards, foosball, air hockey, board games, maybe even a round or two of Twister – fun can get noisy. Keep your upstairs quiet for those who want quiet, and give yourself plenty of room for fun, by converting your basement into a game room. Be sure to install plenty of good lighting and consider whitewashing ceilings and walls to brighten up the space.

4. Media Room

Have you even wanted to build your own home theater? Turning your basement space into a media room is a great idea, particularly if you have to contend with low ceilings that do not allow much standing area. A big screen, surround sound, comfortable seating – the perfect place to enjoy your favorite movies, music and video games.

5. Art Studio

The last basement idea on the list is another option for fun for everyone. Unleash your family’s creativity by making your basement into an art studio. Tables, desks, easels and lots of shelves and cabinets for art supplies will encourage your family’s artistic pursuits.

Hopefully this helped to give you some great basement finishing ideas. If you would like further input then please feel free to contact the best finished basement company in the greater Plymouth and Upper Cape areas – Innovation Construction Co. We have been a finishing basement contractor since 1980.