Bayside Beach

Eco-Friendly Construction In Bayside Beach

Many Of The Historic Homes In Plymouth’s Bayside Beach Neighborhood Could Use Some Eco-Friendly Upgrades

Many of the historic homes in the Bayside Beach section of Plymouth, MA are in serious need of some “eco-friendly” upgrades. Ironically, most of these historic homes were every eco-friendly when they were first built. This is because they were tied to the land and environment here in Massachusetts. These homes used natural heating, cooling, and fuel sources. They were built to withstand harsh New England winters. They had a small “carbon footprint” (even though this term didn’t exist when most of the homes in Bayside Beach were constructed). In the ensuing decades and centuries, however, the homes’ carbon footprints got bigger, due to renovations and added appliances/materials. Fortunately, there are several things that you can do to make your historic home in Bayside Beach more eco-friendly and energy-efficient than ever before.

New Windows

Many of the historic homes in Bayside Beach are at the age where they need new windows. Why not invest in energy-saving windows? This is the perfect way to blend historic charm with modern innovation. These windows are designed to prevent air from escaping your home, keeping it warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This, in turn, puts less strain on your heater and air conditioner. Because you are using less energy, you are reducing your utility bill while also reducing your carbon footprint. In Plymouth, MA, contractors like Innovation Construction Company can install energy-efficient windows in Bayside Beach’s historic homes.

On-Demand Water Heaters

Most of the historic homes in Bayside Beach have seen several water heaters over the years. Some of the historic homes may even have ancient water heaters dating back decades. Since the average water heater is only good for 15 to 20 years, old water heaters will need to be replaced. If you are replacing a water heater in a historic Plymouth, MA home, we recommend getting an on-demand water heater. This type of water heater only produces hot water when you need it, thus reducing your energy output and costs. This is another way that you can make your Bayside Beach home more eco-friendly.

Energy Star Rated Appliances

Many of the historic homes in Bayside Beach also – unfortunately – have historic appliances. If it is time to replace any of your appliances, look for appliances that have an Energy Star rating. These appliances, like the on-demand water heater, will cut down on energy usage while also saving you money.

Hire A Certified Green Professional

Of course, many homes in Bayside Beach are also at the age where major repairs and renovations need to be done. One simple way to help out the environment is to hire a contractor that is a Certified Green Professional. Innovation Construction Company is one Plymouth, MA contractor that has this certification. This company has specialized in green building projects in the Plymouth area for over 20 years. They will bring your historic home into the 21st century.