Best Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

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Choosing the Best Appliances for Your Kitchen Remodel

Where should I start when choosing kitchen appliances?

As with your overall kitchen remodel, think about how you use your kitchen. How well do your current appliances meet your needs? Do you love to bake? Are you typically a solo cook or does the whole family get involved? How much refrigerator space do you need? Do you usually use fresh ingredients or do you use mostly frozen food? You need a kitchen that fits your lifestyle. Functionality, size and style are all important considerations when you plan a kitchen remodel. They affect the usability, look and space of your new kitchen, as well as traffic patterns.

Should I have a separate cooktop and oven?

A standard range is still a popular choice for typical kitchens. They come in many styles from a standard slide-in, to commercial-style stainless steel, to vintage cast iron. A separate cooktop and wall oven can be a convenient alternative that provides close storage of heavy pots and pans in cabinet space beneath the cooktop, while an oven higher on the wall is conveniently comfortable to get food in and out. If updating from an all-in-one range to a separate cooktop and oven, it will add to your budget and change your design considerations. Do you have gas or electric? Do you want to use gas or electric in your new kitchen? Burner style is an important choice that can also have a big impact on your budget. As well as a wall oven, options include double ovens or a steam oven. How about a warming drawer? It is important that your designer and contractor know what type and size appliances you want. A design and build contractor like Innovation Construction can better ensure a successful kitchen remodel that meets all your needs.

What are my options for a refrigerator?

When you plan a kitchen remodel, your refrigerator choice is important not only for functionality and style, it typically takes up much visual space. Most refrigerators come in one of three configurations. The traditional, and still most common, style is the top-mounted, with a refrigerator on the bottom beneath a freezer. There is also a bottom-mounted style, with the freezer beneath and fresh food at eye level. Side-by-side models also put more food at eye level but refrigerator space, though the same in cubic feet, is narrow in comparison to the other two models. It will be important for your contractor to know if you plan to have an ice maker or water dispenser that require plumbing. Dimensions are largely dependent on family size or how much entertaining you do. An increasingly common convenience is an auxiliary under-the-counter fridge or freezer drawer. To get your dream kitchen, be sure to discuss your family size and lifestyle, your needs, and any inconveniences you have found with your current kitchen layout and refrigerator and freezer space with your kitchen remodel contractor.

What is most important to consider when choosing a dishwasher?

While they used to be considered a luxury, dishwashers have become standard in home kitchens. There are many energy-saving options, and almost as many features as you can imagine. There is no better advice we can give than starting with what you know you need.

Are there other considerations when choosing appliances for my kitchen remodel?

Do not forget your microwave! They are large enough to have an impact on the look of a kitchen. Also have a good idea of the small appliances you depend on or would like to use regularly to ensure your kitchen remodel includes sufficient outlets, wiring and electricity supply. We briefly mentioned energy efficiency when discussing dishwashers; it is an important consideration when choosing any appliance. When it comes to the look of your new kitchen, you must consider free-standing or built-in large appliance models, and finishes. White, black, stainless steel, oiled bronze; there is a finish for every cook’s taste and every kitchen’s style.

Who is my best choice for a Massachusetts kitchen remodel contractor?

We may be biased, but we know we are your best choice in the greater Plymouth, MA area! Innovation Construction Co has over 30 years of renovation experience. We have all your kitchen remodeling needs covered, from design through construction. We will do the job right, mindful of your needs, wants, taste and budget. Call us today for your reliable kitchen remodel estimate.

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