Billy Beez

Many residents and visitors of Kingston, MA are all sure to have the same story to tell anyone who asks. That this place is just awesome. Not only is a part of the beautiful New England area, but it also offers plenty of amazing attractions and fun things to do with families and little ones.

A fairly new addition to the Holyoke Mall, the fun filled Billy Beez is great for all ages to enjoy that has been making lots of buzz in the area. Though this place looks small on the outside, let me tell you, they pack the fun in and have so much going on in here.

There really is no good place to start once inside, so just go ahead and dive right in! Parents are absolutely encouraged to get in there and have just as much fun as their kids! So do not be afraid to just climb and slide your heart out. I mean, you did pay for it!

There are lots of places to explore- ball pits, mesh walkways, and little holes to climb. There are tunnels everywhere. Your knees will likely hurt the next day, but it’s worth it. Many areas are designed for little kids, so most parents will have to do a lot of ducking and crawling. Great exercise, right?

The best part of the whole place is all the slides. Each slide is unique in its twists and turns, how far you drop, how fast you slide down, some are enclosed, some are open. The tube slides are really fast. it’s like they almost greased the slides up before they open. Probably not though.

You will for sure end up having a really great time in this wonderful little gem. You can literally just spent just hours playing in the main play area, the mini beez area and in the ball blaster arena alone. So, if you haven’t yet, you will absolutely want to check Billy Beez place out!