New additions for a lake house

Our latest project was this room addition built under an existing sun room addition to make an in-home office off the finished basement (which we also did!) Below are comments from the homeowners as well as a slideshow of the project, starting with the current look and going back to the “before” photos.

“We hired Innovation Construction to refinish our basement, put in a bathroom, and build an addition to the basement under an existing sunroom above, right on the lakefront.  Keith knows and takes pride in his craft, and he was great to deal with throughout.  He knows the ins and outs of permitting; he has extensive expert contractor contacts, and he is committed to seeing it all through.  Keith provided us with realistic estimates and expert advice; he showed up and delivered as proposed, and he always kept us informed.  I highly recommend Innovation Construction; worth every penny.”

(Alex) from Phil and Alex
Wareham, MA

“I would also add that Keith *shows up*   live and in person at the job site.  This makes a huge difference (I believe) in the quality of the work.

 The pride of an owner who is familiar with nearly every nail that is driven sets the bar pretty high for his employees and puts the homeowners who are laying out a bunch of cash at ease.

 It was a good feeling the whole time knowing that we wouldn’t find something weeks or months later that should have been addressed during the construction phase.

 There are several required inspections, (some with seemingly inane requirements) marking each phase of the construction process and we passed each inspection the first time.

 As Alex said, Keith’s familiarity with the permitting process and his local knowledge and professional relationships had a big pay-off for us.

 If it had been a less knowledgeable or less interested, or too busy, or non-local GC, we may not have been able to get the permits we needed to build, or as it turned out for us, we could have missed a crucial deadline (Conservation Commission new requirements) that could have cost us tens of thousands of dollars more, or made our project unachievable.

 Keith is a respected local tradesman who knows the ins and out of local politics and who has long standing relationships with the people and organizations that a homeowner needs to get the job done with a minimum of red tape, and he is a guy who has a lot of respect for the homeowner . . . a rarity with most contractors whom I have encountered over the years.  No arrogance, no B.S.

 (Thank you Keith)”

Phil from Phil and Alex
Wareham, MA

New Roof and Second Floor Addition on a Waterfront Cottage in Wareham

These clients had extensive storm damage to their roof. Upon careful inspection by Innovation Construction and a conversation with the client, it was decided that the best move both for now and for future generations would be to add a second floor. This gave them two new bedrooms, a new bath, and plenty of room for future grandkids to come and play!

Looking to add on to your home or redo your roof? Give us a call for ideas and an estimate!

What Are Some Green Flooring Options?

Going green in your choice of kitchen flooring does more than just soothe your environmental conscience. Having an ec- friendly kitchen floor will also save you money in the long run. The kitchen floor gets the brunt of foot traffic in the house and must be extremely sturdy so as to require very minimal maintenance and repair.

Green flooring materials are very durable and investing in them can be a once-in-a-lifetime rather than a recurring expense. Here are some of the most eco friendly kitchen flooring materials you can choose from.

Wood Floors

Wood is a classic among kitchen flooring options. Wood is pleasant to the eyes, warm to the feel and very durable. However, not all wood is good. Wood flooring can only be eco-friendly as long as it is sustainably harvested.

Choose wood that bears the stamp of approval of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), an independent body which certifies wood that has been harvested sustainably and responsibly. In Home addition, choose local wood species, if possible, as these require less fuel for transportation. Lastly, go for hard wood as it is so durable that it may not need to be replaced during your lifetime.

Reclaimed Wood Floors

Today there are beautiful kitchen flooring materials that are made from repurposed shipping crates. Shipping crates from Asia, for example, are made of tropical hardwood and can thus be made into flooring materials that retain the natural look and feel of wood. They are also FSC-certified.

Engineered Wood Floors

Layers of FSC-certified wood are topped with a sheer veneer of finished wood to give you engineered wood floors that are guaranteed to have the natural finish of wood. Moreover, they are more durable than wood and do not warp or dent with such changes in temperature and humidity like most wood flooring.

Bamboo Floor

Bamboo grows as rapidly as any grass and thus can very easily be harvested sustainably. In Home addition, bamboo makes for a very comfortable underfoot material as well as a very durable one. True, there may be concerns about transport-related energy costs but this can be outweighed by the fact that bamboo is very abundant and thus relatively cheap. Just look for formaldehyde free and FSC-certified bamboo.

Cork Floor

Cork makes for a warm, comfortable kitchen floor. From an environmental standpoint, cork is also an excellent choice as it is made from the bark of a tree and careful removal of it does not damage the tree at all. Modern cork flooring also offers convenience as they now come in either planks or tiles which make installation a breeze.

The latest cork flooring materials now come in pre-finished, low-VOC brands and have many interesting designs and textures. There are also more varied color options aside from the traditional brown. Cork flooring now sports pale and even dark hues as well as colored palettes.

Rubber-Cork Blend Floor

The rustic charm of cork and the comfortable pliability and durability of rubber gives your kitchen floor a comfortable soft feel and stands up to heavy kitchen traffic. Sustainably harvested cork is blended with recycled rubber, imbued with different colors and then cut into rolls or tiles to give you a most green flooring material for your kitchen.


If you think linoleum is boring, think again. True linoleum is a natural and often manufactured from recycled materials. Linoleum is made up of an ingenious blend of linseed oil, wood flour, tree resin, ground limestone and natural pigments backed up with jute. Linoleum can last as long as 25 years and is comfortable to the feet. It also comes in many interesting colors and patterns. Best of all, it is easy to clean.

Of course none of these flooring options are limited to just the kitchen. Most make for an excellent option throughout your whole home. So if you want to replace your existing floors with new eco friendly flooring, Innovation Construction Co is just a phone call or email away.



After 34 years in the area, Innovation Construction Co. can safely be considered a local fixture. We offer a range of home improvement services from building Home addition and decks to remodeling kitchens and baths. The website has the details. Since our goal is to make sure our clients get the best possible product within their budget, we’re adding another service to make that happen. We can now help facilitate low cost loans so our homeowner clients can more easily afford the best version of their home improvement dream..

We’re not offering to be your bank (pretty much a red flag for a builder to make that promise) and we don’t pretend to have an exclusive line to low-cost, non-equity based funding. We can, however, provide a shortcut to some required pre-approvals for an FHA-insured Title 1 loan: up to $25,000 for home improvements with no equity required, no appraisal required.

Homeowners interested in obtaining funding through the FHA Title 1 Home Improvement Program must have an estimate or contract to obtain a loan.

Innovation Construction Co. offers the credibility of being an FHA bank-approved contractor.

That’s one line checked off on the paperwork.

We also can use our contractor network to put you in direct negotiations with one of the two national lenders in the area that offer funding for remodeling projects through the FHA Title 1 Home Improvement Program: Home Loan Investment Bank in Warwick, R.I. Home Loan Investment Bank performs the required due diligence on the remodelers who use this service. To work with the bank, contractors and remodelers must provide the bank with general information, including:

Proof of liability insurance
A business license
A listing of the types of home improvement projects they do.

We already have our contacts there, they know us, have vetted us, and have no need to bog down the process by vetting us again.

That’s one more line checked off, before you’ve even started.

The Title I loans are a great option for otherwise qualified homeowners who have little or no equity. But HUD/FHA does not set the interest rate. Interest rates are negotiated between the borrower and the lender. And the folks at Home Loan Investment Bank recently notified me that their rates are now as 3.95% fixed.

So if you’d like a little help getting connected with one of these home loan opportunities, please feel free to get in touch with us. Our work is guaranteed. And our consultations are always free.

Innovation Construction an A+ BBB-Rated home improvement contractor with a 7-year BBB No-Complaint Accreditation. We are GREEN CERTIFIED and A/Rated on Angie’s List. Keith is credentialed as a Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist (CAPS) through (NAHB), the National Association of Home Builders.) We are a local business with pride of workmanship and the experience and expertise to be your one-stop builder and remodeler.

For over three decades, we have successfully facilitated the remodeling dreams of homeowners across South Shore and Southeastern MA, including Duxbury, Wareham, Marion, Rochester, Kingston, Plymouth, Plymouth County, and the Upper Cape.

Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build is proud to offer Green Building options. We are dedicated to incorporating sustainable living solutions into our projects.

Check out our remodeling reviews on Angie’s List. And check us out on Facebook!

Chuckle of the Week

Q: With the current market turmoil, what’s the easiest way to make a small fortune?
A: Start off with a large one.

Better Business Bureau A+ Accredited Builder

Here’s a phrase we’d like to see more often: commitment to honesty, integrity, ethic, and trust.

Local builder Keith Dmytryck has incorporated that thinking into his business and personal dealings for over three decades, and now has achieved professional recognition for that pledge.

That’s worth considering as the best months for home construction unfold.

With the weather playing nice again, you might be thinking this is the year for that sunroom Home addition. If so, step one is the biggie: who’s going to build this beautiful, light-filled entertainment zone so it’s done right?

Keith has the expertise, is a referred Harvey window and sunroom contractor, and holds a record of established reliability – with client testimonials spanning the years, plus multiple certifications. He is especially proud of the latest certifications he has earned for his home improvement company, Innovation Construction Company Design & Build: professional recognition by the BBB for honesty, integrity, and customer satisfaction.

Since joining the Better Business Bureau in 2007, Innovation Const. Co. has been BBB A+ accredited, and now has earned a BBB Certificate of Achievement stating:

“BBB recognizes Innovation Construction Company Design & Build for 6 years of commitment to HONESTY, INTEGRITY, ETHICS and TRUST.”

Innovation Construction Co. earned an Home additional certification acknowledging the company’s track record of superb customer service, expert workmanship, and commitment to excellence. This BBB Certificate of No Complaints states:

“As of April 5, 2013, Innovation Const. has received NOT ONE SINGLE CUSTOMER COMPLAINT within BBB’s reporting period of 36 months.”

When reviewing for complaints, the BBB considers the areas of

  • Advertising/Sales Issues
  • Billing/Collection Issues
  • Delivery Issues
  • Guarantee/Warranty Issues
  • Problems With Product or Service

and has recognized Innovation Construction Co. for having had zero complaints in all of them.

These certifications apply to all the services provided by Keith and his company: new construction and Home addition, kitchen and bath renovations, windows and siding, finished basements and garage transformations, decks, patios, and – of course – sunrooms.




by Keith Dmytryck


The sleek, efficient custom home office loaded with cozy built-ins and high-tech wiring is a big resale loser, coming in at $28,000. No deal? Remember it’s you, not them, planning this thing. Have your great office at maybe half the price by toning down the wiring and avoiding built-in work space and storage. A qualified contractor can help you design a desirable home office that can be easily converted into a multi-purpose room, den or bedroom. When you’re selling, name it from the buyer’s viewpoint: the hobby room or guest room, not “home office,” unless that’s what they wanted too!



The same cool head can prevail in planning a master suite: do you really need one-to-two- hundred-thousand dollars worth of hotel luxury that recoups only half at resale? If your happiness does require a livingroom-size sleeping area with attached spa bathroom and mini bar, of only the finest materials, you should go for it. Just know that, while future buyers will be attracted to your suite, they’ll see similar features incorporated into newer homes at a less imbalanced price tag. Unless you’re wealthy (in which case, you’re moving to a better neighborhood), this might be a no deal.

However, if you have leeway in your floor plan to bump out a suite from an extra room, you can get pretty luxurious for a much more reasonable cost. Find a creative contractor, and you could have yourself a “suite deal” (someone had to say it).



Inovation Construction, MA

A dream garage would house two cars and be fitted with neat built-ins, mess-proof floors, heating, natural light, and room for bikes and a work bench. Cool. And, even if you only recoup half of the fifty-to-ninety-thousand dollars a roomy, upscale garage will cost, it’s still a deal if it’s worth it to you to have a toasty, ice-free car to hop into, or a dry, comfortable place to do small projects and work on your vehicle. And people love garages! shows that, of buyers who purchased a home between 2010 and 2012, more than 78 percent purchased a home with a garage. That’s a nice, regular garage.

However, the cold cash reality is that there is just a tiny niche market for a high-end garage. So it’s back to you and your priorities: upscale and loving it despite a dent in the resale, or all the pleasures of a midrange garage project with an added bonus of curb appeal.

So, on any home improvement project, your personality factors into the deal as well as the charts and statistics. How much will you enjoy the improvement (personal cost/benefit)? Can you achieve similar results for less with some creative design work? And, obviously, if you know without one iota of a doubt that you will pay off the mortgage before you ever sell, then recouping costs is less important than the enjoyment and use you and your family will experience by enhancing your living space.

Of course picking the right home improvement contractor will lower your expenses and up your benefit, so contact us, Innovation Construction Co., for a free consultation and estimate.

Scusset Beach Front Window Solutions by Innovation Construction

This Scusset Beach, beachfront, seasonal-use home had its windows and siding replaced approximately 15 years ago. The highest quality Pella brand windows were installed, and the waterside windows have leaked and failed.[blank_space

Innovation Construction has learned what works in these environments to halt water infiltration around all openings. We use a combination of products which include ice and water barrier; house wrap; custom-bent, aliminum-sloped fill pans; sealant applied behind the new construction nailing fin; and a self-adhering membrane window flashing over the nail fin.

Now THIS window is sealed against water infiltration!

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LET US HELP YOU GET THERE After 34 years in the area, Innovation Construction Co. can safely be considered a local fixture. We offer a range of home improvement services from building Home addition and decks to remodeling kitchens and baths. The website has the...

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Innovation Construction Adds New Windows and Siding on an Onset Cottage


This three-sided waterfront family cottage was originally built in 1932. It survived the hurricanes of 1938 and 1954, and was the family summer destination of its second-generation owner.

Having purchased the property from the family estate, our homeowners set out to update the exterior in a traditional yet durable and carefree manner. It is their hope to hand down this hidden gem to their children.

We removed all the sidings and rotted wood trim. Our homeowners selected the Eastern white cedar Maibec solid-color, two-coat, prestained shingle featuring the strongest warranties available: 50 years against wood decay, 15 years on the solid color retention, and 5 years on labor.

We replaced the exterior wood trim with Azek PVC trim boards. This cellular PVC trim is the best and most high-performance trim product on the market. Azek adhesives and concealed fasteners finished out the installation.

The window selected was the Harvey brand Majesty series double-hung wood window featuring genuine wood interiors and a maintenance-free, aluminum-clad exterior. All Majesty windows are custom-made to the sizes required. With experienced, accurate measurements, the new construction-style windows marry up seamlessly to the existing wood interior trim. These new windows feature tilt-in sash, Energy Star-rated glass, and Harvey’s proprietary, virtually invisible screens for unobstructed views.