Kitchen Makeovers

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Kitchen Makeovers Begin with the Perfect Design

Do kitchen makeovers require a lot of planning and designing?

Effective, efficient, high quality kitchen makeovers require taking a good hard look at your current kitchen situation. What are the qualities of your kitchen that you wish to retain? What works for you? What does not? How is the condition of your floors, walls, and ceiling? Is a window too big or too small? Are there too many doors? Too few? How is the lighting? What actually occurs in your kitchen area? Do you use it strictly to cook food, or do you dine there as well? Do you find your family and friends gathering there, or do you wish you had the space and welcoming atmosphere for them? Most modern kitchen makeovers are more than just a place to store and prepare food.Continue reading…

Small kitchen makeovers

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Small Kitchen Makeovers

How Do I Make My Small Kitchen Look Larger?


Last week we talked about the importance of the proper layout for your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, designing the best layout to maximize your small kitchen makeovers can be a challenge. Knocking out a wall is not always a viable solution for a smaller or older home. If your yard space or budget is tight, adding on may not be an option either. A professional kitchen contractor can help you create the best kitchen to meet your needs in the space you have.Continue reading…

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

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Kitchen Renovation Ideas

In the previous post we talked about some ways to stay on budget when buying the materials for a kitchen renovation. Now we need to step back and talk about the layout of the kitchen and how that affects your budget.

How do I know if my kitchen needs a different layout?

Have you found yourself having to move from one end of the kitchen to the other to get something in the middle of cooking a meal? When the kids are raiding the fridge, is there room for you? Is there more than one cook at a time in the kitchen and if so, do you step over each other to get to spices, cooking utensils, pots, pans, food, etc? Can you get your meal out of the oven easily or do you need to be a contortionist in order to get it out? If you open the dishwasher or oven, does something else, like the fridge, become inaccessible?Continue reading…

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How Can I Make the Most of My Kitchen Renovation Budget?

How do I save money on my kitchen renovation without cutting corners?

There are many ways to save money on your kitchen renovation project without sacrificing quality, from creating a design that makes the best use of space to choosing good quality but less expensive materials that have similar looks and functionality.Continue reading…

Remodeling Contractors

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Remodeling Contractors

Innovation Construction Co Inc Receives 2014 Best of West Wareham Award


West Wareham Award Program Honors the Achievement

WEST WAREHAM August 7, 2014 — Innovation Construction Co Inc has been selected for the 2014 Best of West Wareham Award in the Construction & Remodeling Contractors category by the West Wareham Award Program.

Each year, the West Wareham Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the West Wareham area a great place to live, work and play.Continue reading…

Basement Designs

Basement Designs

Where do I start with basement designs?

There are many things to consider when you start planning out some basement designs to convert your basement into livable space. The first is how you would like to utilize the space. Are you a looking to create an apartment or suite for your older teen, or elderly parent? Perhaps you are considering a family room that would enable you to spend quality time with your spouse and children. A game room is always fun. Wouldn’t it be great to create a media room? Your very own movie theater! Art studios are popular as well; they allow your family to unleash their creativity. As with any major renovation or remodel project, make sure to apply for the proper permits with your local government.Continue reading…

Basement Bathrooms

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Basement Bathrooms

Drainage considerations

When adding a bathroom to basement spaces, drainage is the most essential factor to consider. Standard above ground restroom plumbing depends on gravity to drain away sewage and waste water. Gravity offers a push, known as “fall” or “slope,” that moves waste down the pipes. In basement bathrooms, since it is below ground, creating that slope because the major challenge and expense.

When examining your basement for a new restroom setup, your basement contractor and plumber will consider 2 primary problems initially.Continue reading…

Basement Bathroom Designs

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Basement Bathroom Designs

There are basement bathroom designs that can add or subtract from the value of your home. Adding a bathroom into your basement makeover project not only makes your life a little simpler, it also improves your home value, if done properly. If you’ve turned your finished basement or are planning to finish it into an extra bedroom, suite, game space or exercise room, a basement washroom allows you to stay in the basement and not have to trek upstairs when nature calls.Continue reading…

Basement Finishing Ideas

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Basement Finishing Ideas

So you want your basement to be much more than a storage area but would like some basement finishing ideas? Transforming your basement into truly useful, livable space will save you from having to make costly additions to gain the space you need. It will also raise the value of your property.

A renovated basement is a great asset, but can present challenges to the renovator. Some of the most common problems you may encounter during a basement makeover are low ceilings, little to no natural light, dampness, and basic inaccessibility. If you are wondering how to make a basement into livable space, find a finished basement company with experience finishing a basement.Continue reading…

Basement Finishing Systems

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Finishing Basement Systems

Can I Make My Basement Livable Space?

Finishing the basement in your home is a great way to gain livable space. Just make sure that any basement moisture issues are solved or mitigated first before you finish your basement.

Can I use drywall to finish my basement?

Adding drywall is the conventional way of giving your basement walls a more polished look than bare concrete or cinder blocks. It requires several steps.Continue reading…