Innovation Earns Certification in Advanced Finish Carpentry

finish carpentry

Local builder and remodeling expert Keith Dmytryck, owner and operator of the Wareham-based Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build, is pleased to announce his latest certification in an ongoing effort to continually improve his expertise and keep up with the latest in cutting edge techniques.

On September 23, 2011, Keith attended the day-long Gary Katz Fine Finish Carpentry Clinic in Rockland, MA, earning certification in advanced finish carpentry skills. Already an expert carpenter/builder with over thirty years of experience, Keith continues to seek opportunities to enhance these skills.Continue reading…

Think Outside the Square: Design Your Deck for Your Personal Style

Multi Level Deck

The ideal vision of a sunny day in the backyard usually includes relaxing on the deck. So it’s not surprising that a deck addition is a highly popular choice in home renovation. You obviously want to get the most enjoyment from your new play area, so before you contact a builder and tell him, “Build me a deck!”, you might want to work up a little fantasy of how your deck reflects your style and enhances your outdoor experience. So – what does your fantasy deck look like.Continue reading…

DESIGN DETAIL – VINTAGE CHARM: Another in a series from Innovation Construction Co.


While there is a lot to be said for modern style, it’s hard to argue with design elements that have endured for decades or even centuries and have only gotten better with time. In a testament to their lasting appeal, classic elements such as hardwood floors, staircase balusters, and crown molding have never ceased to charm. And if history is any indicator, they’re not likely to fall out of favor any time soon.Continue reading…

Unused Garage to Great Library Living Space: THE PROCESS!


The lovely little seaside cottage? Charming! The cramped wood frame one-car garage tacked on in the 1950s? Not so much. But this homeowner had almost a perfect thing going: a lovely house by the sea that fulfilled her dream of retiring from Boston to where she grew up.

After settling in for a year, she realized two things: she never wanted to leave, and she definitely needed more living space. In this situation, a garage conversion was the perfect way to go.Continue reading…

A NEW ROOM HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT: Transforming Your Unused Garage into a Livable Space

Garage conversion

It’s 10 p.m. Do you know where your car is? Probably not in the garage if you’re like many people. Most of us suffer from inadequate storage syndrome, and stuff seems to spill over into that handy sort-of-inside space – pushing out the car that used to park there. You still love it but, hey, it can live outside!

A few items, like tools, garden supplies, and some household supplies, have a happy home in a raw vehicle-free space. But many items (like photos, electronics, vinyl records, bedding, and clothes) are affected by temperature fluctuations and damp, and should be stored in the controlled environment of an interior living space.Continue reading…


Innovation Construction Co.. is devoted to helping seniors age independently and in place.

Remodeling with universal design in mind and an eye on cost.

Accessibility and value are two key concerns for remodeling clients today.

Accessibility for the growing number of baby boomers who want their homes to accommodate them as they age. Value for budget-minded homeowners who are trying to stretch every dollar further in a tight economy.

With smart planning and foresight, accessibility expenditures can be gradually paced, beginning with minor but practical changes that are cost-conscious from the start and working into more dramatic renovations that will ultimately be hugely cost-effective investments that can avert the necessity of a financially draining move to assisted living.Continue reading…

GPBA April Meeting – Update & Changes to the MA

The April Meeting of the Greater Plymouth Builders Association (GPBA) was held on April 21, 2011 at the John Carver Inn, Summer Street in Plymouth. The featured speaker was Mike Guigli of the Massachusetts Board of Building Regulations and Standards. Mike gave a comprehensive, two- hour overview of the updates and changes to the 8th Edition of the 1 and 2 family Residential Building Code, Massachusetts State Building Code.

The GPBA has applied for continuing education credits for this program under the new Construction Supervisors License Continuing Education Program.

As a professional renovator and home improvement contractor, Keith Dmytryck of Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build, Wareham MA attended this event.


Vinyl Siding

It’s that time again! . . . Tired of painting outside? . . .  let us show you all the firsts in Certainteed Monogram 46 line of clapboard style vinyl sidings!

FIRST in COLOR: Monogram vinyl siding was the first to offer unique darker shades backed by permacolor* lifetime fade protection. For virtually unlimited design possibilities

FIRST in STYLE: Monogram is the first siding product to offer direct transfer system from real cedar boards for a natural truetexture* wood grain finish.

FIRST in PERFORMANCE: Monogram is the first vinyl siding designed to perform under HIGH wind conditions through proprietary rigidform* technology.Continue reading…

INSTANT GRATIFICATION: Small Change Can Make Your Kitchen Really Cook –for Small Change!

Replacement and repair jobs appeal because they cost less and help a home hold value

Make your kitchen really cook:

The kitchen is still considered the heart of the home. And homeowners want more than mere functionality in this important place that’s used as much for gathering as for cooking.
You want this to be a pleasing environment that shows your style, but you might not want to spend $30,000 or more on a complete cosmetic remodel. The good news is, even on a tight budget you can add a “wow” factor with the simple addition of a stylish backsplash.

Continue reading…

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