We’ve been looking at the top trends in home design for 2012. In Part One, we shared some ways to create the desirable feel of open space. At Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build, we have been helping homeowners achieve this for years, and are delighted that this inviting, livable style has now “hit the charts.”

But a design needs more than just the right “look.” The savvy homeowner demands that everything must work right. This includes

  • areas used to full potential
  • small spaces used with imagination
  • plans considering changing future needs
  • construction using greener materials
  • designs incorporating reduced energy use.

No Cutting Corners

Unless it’s a round room, the corners are already there, right? Rather than letting them just sit there, people are wising up to the beauty of corner windows. They add finesse as well as light and a sense of spaciousness. Some ways to work in a corner window are

  • framed windows positioned closely at each corner
  • frameless abutting “wrap around” windows
  • second-story bump-outs
  • telescoping window walls on two sides of a patio area.

Nooks and Crannies 2.0

For efficient use of every square inch, find “pocket” work spaces in

  • kitchen corners
  • stairwells
  • closets
  • hallways.

Design for Life

Some appealing concepts to dazzle you now and sustain you later include