Eco-friendly Kitchen Backsplash

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Eco-friendly Kitchen Backsplash

Going green in the kitchen has been a lot easier now than in decades past. For instance, there are now a variety of Eco-friendly kitchen backsplashes to choose from. Green backsplashes now come in different materials, colors, textures and designs that would fit any budget or style preference.

It is important to invest in a good, solid kitchen backsplash. Besides protecting your kitchen walls from spills and stains, it also gives a strong decorative statement in your overall kitchen. You can have discreet neutrals for your backsplash or one which stands out from the rest of your kitchen decor.

Here is a list of the sustainable kitchen backsplash materials available in the market today.

recycled glass dot backsplash green eco-friendlyRecycled glass

Recycled glass kitchen backsplashes are becoming a favorite choice among Eco-friendly consumers simply because they are sustainable, durable and affordable. Recycled glass is a green choice since it is made from post-consumer and post-industrial glass.

The beauty of recycled glass lies in its iridescent color which bounces off light to create a sparkling clean ambiance to your kitchen. It is also a breeze to clean and wipe down. There is a minor downside though, as installation of recycled glass requires acrylic and other chemical bonding agents which could emit toxic VOCs. To minimize this problem, you can use water-based grouts and silicon binders.

Recycled ceramic

Another environmentally-friendly kitchen backsplash material is recycled ceramic, a mixture of waste glass, plastic, tin, stone and even mud and dust. They come in different colors and designs so you will always find something that works well in your kitchen.

Manufacturers of recycled ceramic usually source out their products from nearby areas to minimize fuel and energy expense. The materials they produce differ according to the proportions of the raw materials.

recycled aluminum backsplash eco-friendly greenRecycled aluminum

You can also go for the sleek, clean finish of recycled aluminum kitchen backsplashes which are made of recycled shavings and scraps of post-consumer and post-industrial aluminum. Recycled aluminum can be attached to different substrates such as rock board, plywood or tile backer.

So as not to spoil the “greenness” score of your recycled aluminum backsplash, make sure the setting and adhesive agents you use are low in VOCs.

Recycled composite

There are now composite materials that are being used for kitchen backsplash materials. Depending on the manufacturer and the available materials, these composite backsplashes could have varying proportions of post-consumer and post-industrial glass, porcelain, cement, carton and paper.

You can find composite blends which come from an interesting mix of broken bottles, discarded bathtubs and a variety of wood shavings and paper trash. As with other materials, make sure you use green binders and sealers.

Via our Eco-friendly blog series, hopefully you have learned more about the options available to building a “green” kitchen. If you have any further questions about building or remodeling your kitchen using Eco-friendly materials and/or construction techniques contact Innovation Construction Co. We have been building and remodeling homes, kitchens, bathrooms, basements, etc. on the South Shore since 1980.

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