The Historic Homes Of Ellisville, In Plymouth, MA

Plymouth’s Ellisville Neighborhood Is A Treasure Trove Of Historic Homes

Plymouth, MA is one of the oldest communities in the United States. Famously, it was the site where the Pilgrims established their first American colony, in 1620. It should come as no surprise, then, that Plymouth, MA is a treasure trove of beautiful historic homes. One Plymouth, MA neighborhood that is especially notable for its historic charm is Ellisville. The Ellisville neighborhood. It is picturesquely nestled along Cape Cod Bay. This is a highly desirable place to live in Plymouth, MA.

Residential Architecture In Ellisville

As you may expect, Cape Cod-style homes are very popular in the Ellisville neighborhood of Plymouth, MA. This style of home is defined by a low, broad, single-story frame and a moderately pitched gabled roof. True to Puritan culture, these houses were (and often still are) simple and unadorned. This simple-yet-sturdy design was ideal for harsh New England winters. It was also reminiscent of popular housing styles back home in England. Plymouth, MA – and Ellisville in particular – is chock-full of historic Cape Cod houses.

There are also many fine Colonial homes in Ellisville. The Colonial-style homes are typically two to three-story buildings made of brick or wood. Like Cape Cod-style homes, these homes are often sturdy and unadorned. Many of the charming Colonial-style homes in Ellisville date back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

Preserving Ellisville

Plymouth, MA – and Ellisville in particular – are lucky to have some of the oldest homes in the United States. Most cities across the U.S. would love to have such a rich architectural history. The only real downside to Ellisvile’s treasure trove of historic homes is that the homes sometimes show their age. While many of these historic homes do not show signs of wear and tear from the outside, they may require major structural repairs (this is often the tradeoff to buying a beautiful historic home). Common problems with hold homes such as these include the following:

●     Window Problems

●     Mold/Mildew

●     Termite Damage

●     Hazardous Materials

These are just a few of the many problems that could occur in an old home. Hazardous materials are a big problem, as many old homes contain materials that have since been found to be harmful (even if hazardous materials like lead and asbestos were not present during the initial construction, they could have been added during the ensuing centuries). Frequently, older homes need window replacements and major structural repairs. All this is, of course, the bad news. The good news is that an experienced Plymouth, MA contractor can perform the updates needed to make your historic Ellisville home livable as well as beautiful.

Contractors In Plymouth, MA

In Plymouth, MA, Innovation Construction Company has been renovating Ellisville’s historic homes for years. Innovation Construction Company can repair and replace windows and doors, replace damaged siding, build additions to make your historic home larger and more functional, and provide many other necessary updates. This is an eco-friendly company that provides top-notch service.