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Desire for Green Construction Materials led to Partnership with AZEK

Deck Contractor

Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build is pleased  to announce that owner/operator Keith Dmytryck is now an AZEK   Building Products Referred Remodeler.  Keith’s commitment to product excellence and environmental responsibility led him to affiliate with this leading manufacturer of Premium Cellular PVC Trim, Moulding, Deck, Porch, and Rail products.Continue reading…


velux skylights

Imagine relaxing in your living room on a drab afternoon or snug in bed on a cloudy Sunday morning. Now visualize as the scene becomes effortlessly brighter, bathed in natural light from a perfectly placed skylight. You invite a waft of fresh air and adjust the lighting without budging from your nest – a touch of the remote does the trick. You nod off just moments before a drizzle starts up. Your skylight, with its integrated rain sensor, closes automatically while you doze. No worries.Continue reading…

It’s Easy Being Green

spray foaminsulation

In the next few blog posts, we will focus on green construction and building materials.

New methods and materials make energy efficiency more affordable. For an easy start, try

According to spray foam manufacturer Demilec LLC:

HEATLOK SOY®200 is a closed cell spray polyurethane foam insulation with a unique ecological benefitContinue reading…