INSTANT GRATIFICATION: Small Change Can Make Your Kitchen Really Cook –for Small Change!

Replacement and repair jobs appeal because they cost less and help a home hold value

Make your kitchen really cook:

The kitchen is still considered the heart of the home. And homeowners want more than mere functionality in this important place that’s used as much for gathering as for cooking.
You want this to be a pleasing environment that shows your style, but you might not want to spend $30,000 or more on a complete cosmetic remodel. The good news is, even on a tight budget you can add a “wow” factor with the simple addition of a stylish backsplash.


You can see the difference this budget-conscious backsplash improvement made in this Plymouth kitchen project by Innovation Construction Co.  (Photo by: Keith Dmytryck)
You can improve your house in a way that enhances your environment – and will pay for itself, should you choose to sell your home.
Replace that old outdated kitchen backsplash with something fresh and beautiful like CERAMIC TILE or MARBLE.
“It’s a low priced home improvement project  that providers instant gratification” says Keith Dmytryck, the owner of Innovation Construction Co. “ For that on-average $1,000.00  to $2,000.00  investment, you change the look of the your kitchen and add instant eye appeal. And real estate statistics show that you will recoup that investment should you decide to sell.”
But whether you stay or sell, this project is a smart choice for a low-hassle upgrade. The backsplash does more than protect the wall the wall in your kitchen from sink spray or cooking splatters: it’s an aesthetic focal point that integrates the wall, cabinets, and countertops. This relatively small area can pack a big visual punch that can be achieved without breaking the bank.
Of course, as with any remodel, you can go full bore with the total designer treatment, complete with designer price tag for the backsplash alone. But cutting costs doesn’t have to mean cutting out style. The right selection and creative placement of materials can inject an upscale focal point with vivid appeal – giving you a designer look without the designer price tag.
Innovation Construction Co., a longtime local builder/designer, has both the expertise and experience to help you configure a designer look with eye-catching but affordable materials. Keith has cooperative partnerships with all the leading suppliers of cabinetry, and all the counter top manufacturers including granite, marble, solid surface faux stone, Corian and Formica, which enables him to give you a great product selection at less cost than you might find elsewhere.
Whatever remodeling, replacements, or other work you have done to your home, it’s essential to contract with a licensed professional who has the expertise to do the job right, the integrity to back up his claims, and the ratings and references to assure you of the quality work your home deserves.
Innovation Construction Co. is a trusted local GREEN CERTIFIED (by NARI, the National Association of the Remodeling Industry), member of the Greater Plymouth Builders Association,, A-Rated on Angie’s List — and A+ BBB-Rated home improvement contractor.
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