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For many of the local residents, their very first trip to Plimoth Plantation was most likely on a school field trip many years ago. If that is the last time that you can say that you have been there, then it’s easy to say that there is a lot you are missing out on today.


One of the very first lessons we learn about US history is the story of the pilgrim’s journey to the new land. Plimoth Plantation is a living history museum that replicates the original settlement of the Plymouth Colony. The first colony that was established in the 17th century by English colonists, better known as Pilgrims.


A day trip to Plimoth Plantation makes a wonderful Massachusetts adventure. You can expect to learn about and explore days passed while stepping inside 17th century homes and providing you the fun experience of speaking with with actors portraying Pilgrims and Wampanoag Indians and find out what a day in 1623 was like for them.


Plimoth Plantation really mixes lots of fun with learning by offering an authentic look at what life was really like for the settlers in the 1620’s. Plymouth’s famed living history museum’s offerings go far beyond its 17th Century English Village and Wampanoag Homesite that was built by the settlers along the shore of Plymouth Harbor.


Closely located to Billy Beez, it’s known as a vibrant community gathering place that offers a wide variety of educational and entertaining programming that offers much for you and your family to do here. Plimoth Plantation provides everything from fresh-baked bread made in the Craft Center to the indie film screenings at the Plimoth Cinema.


Though it’s not actually the original site, Plimoth Plantation has been beautifully re-created to very closely resemble the original settlement. You will have lots of fun exploring houses filled with reproductions of the types of objects and furniture that the Pilgrims owned, walk through their expansive gardens, or even visit all the wonderful animal pens.