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Kitchen Lighting Solutions for Your Renovation

How can I get more natural light in my kitchen area?

We have mentioned the importance of plenty of light to help keep a small kitchen from feeling cramped, but every kitchen needs ample lighting, regardless of its size. The more natural light you can get, the better. Something to consider to increase natural light is adding a window or enlarging existing windows. If you live in a single-story home, have you thought about installing skylights? VELUX SUN TUNNEL™ skylights?  How about glass doors?

What if bringing in more natural light isn’t feasible?

No worries! Natural light is great. But it can only get you so far, and cannot help you at all after sunset. Your kitchen remodeling contractor can help you find the perfect kitchen lighting solutions. Up lighting, down lighting and task lighting each have an important function in providing sufficient light so you can use your kitchen effectively at any time of day.

What is up lighting?

Up lighting directs light upward. It is a kitchen lighting solution that creates a brighter space by washing the ceiling with light that bounces and reflects around the room. It increases the light level without creating glare. Up lighting is usually achieved from a recessed cove set high in the wall around the perimeter of the room. In kitchens with cabinets that do not reach all the way to the ceiling, up lighting can be easily installed above the cabinets. LED and T5 fluorescent are good choices for effective up lighting.

What is the best way to personalize the look of my kitchen with lighting?

Down lighting used to be the only kitchen lighting option. It is still the lighting around which the rest is built, and you will find the most variety and style choices when it comes to down lighting. From pot lighting to overhead fixtures in just about any material, shape and color you can imagine, there is a look for every style to shine light down onto your space. Proper placement and shading are important to avoid shadows and to design effective and beautiful kitchen lighting solutions.

How can I bring enough light to my work areas?

Proper task lighting design makes sure you have enough light to do all the necessary work in your kitchen. Under-cabinet lighting is the most common of kitchen lighting solutions to keep you from working in your own shadow. Pendant lights can also be used to light up kitchen islands, or other work areas that are not under any cabinetry.

Is there anything else I should consider in the design of my kitchen lighting?

While having too little light in your kitchen is a problem, there are also areas where you do not want too much. One is over the table in an eat-in kitchen. You also need to be careful of creating too much glare. Matte finishes and surfaces can help with this, as can making sure the wattage of your down lighting is not too high. Dimmer switches are a great idea to adjust down lighting to meet both your needs and set the right mood for your kitchen’s various uses. Modern kitchens are almost never for just cooking. Most are used for socializing as much as meal prep, and many kitchens also have an area that functions as a mini office. Your professional kitchen remodeling contractor can help you find the right kitchen lighting solutions to achieve the look you want that fits your needs.

What sets Innovation Construction apart from other kitchen remodeling contractors?

At Innovation Construction Co, we strive to create the perfect kitchen design, with you in mind. We have all your kitchen renovation needs covered, from design to completion of your dream kitchen. We provide accurate estimates, and will work within your budget. We proudly serve all areas of Plymouth and the  South Shore, Wareham, and Upper Cape Cod.

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