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How Can I Make the Most of My Kitchen Renovation Budget?

How do I save money on my kitchen renovation without cutting corners?

There are many ways to save money on your kitchen renovation project without sacrificing quality, from creating a design that makes the best use of space to choosing good quality but less expensive materials that have similar looks and functionality.

Is going green expensive?

Going green is not a trendy choice. It is modern, but can look classic. If making your home eco-friendly is important to you but you are afraid you do not have room in your kitchen renovation budget for materials you have heard are sustainable but expensive, do not worry. We can help you choose the materials that are both environment- and budget-friendly. For example, we know end-grain bamboo or recycled paper can save you a significant amount compared to recycled glass or recycled aluminum, but all are eco-friendly countertop options. Consider recycled glass for a beautiful, economical, environmentally friendly backsplash. If you would like to learn more about green building or an eco friendly renovation of your kitchen, we would be happy to help.

Are there good ways to save money on cabinetry?

This is one area where efficient design is important, as is streamlining your small kitchen appliances and items like mixing bowls. Less stuff, requires fewer cabinets. Fewer cabinets save you money on what is typically the largest kitchen renovation budget expense. Being savvy enough to not fill all available space with cabinets not only saves money, but frees up space for something more interesting than storage. Perhaps a comfortable seating area or fun play area for you kids. A visually appealing and cost-effective choice is opting to eliminate some cabinets in favor of shelves that allow you show off favorite dishes. To reduce the impact on valuable hardwood and your wallet, make an eco-friendly choice of well-made wood laminate cabinetry.

What do you recommend as a low-cost, durable floor covering for my kitchen?

Vinyl flooring is not what it used to be. You can get a high-quality budget-friendly vinyl floor for your kitchen remodel. It comes in many beautiful designs to suit any taste, and can mimic the look of other more expensive materials to give you the look you want for lower cost.

Do you have other creative ideas to save money in my kitchen renovation budget?

How about our suggestion you find personal pieces in your attic or elsewhere to decorate instead of spending money on new items without history? Recycled items and reclaimed materials can stretch your kitchen renovation budget and create the comfortable look and feel everyone wants for the heart of the home.

Is Innovation Construction the best choice for my South Shore MA kitchen renovation?

Innovation Construction Co provides professional personal service for all our remodeling and home improvement projects. We have more than three decades’ experience helping South Coast & Upper Cape Cod MA homeowners realize their home remodeling dreams. Contact us to discuss your home improvement project today!

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