Kitchen Renovation Ideas

kitchen remodeling

Kitchen Renovation Ideas

In the previous post we talked about some ways to stay on budget when buying the materials for a kitchen renovation. Now we need to step back and talk about the layout of the kitchen and how that affects your budget.

How do I know if my kitchen needs a different layout?

Have you found yourself having to move from one end of the kitchen to the other to get something in the middle of cooking a meal? When the kids are raiding the fridge, is there room for you? Is there more than one cook at a time in the kitchen and if so, do you step over each other to get to spices, cooking utensils, pots, pans, food, etc? Can you get your meal out of the oven easily or do you need to be a contortionist in order to get it out? If you open the dishwasher or oven, does something else, like the fridge, become inaccessible?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions then your kitchen needs a completely new design and layout. This is when a design and build kitchen contractor can give you some vary valuable kitchen renovation ideas. Their ideas and guidance  can save you a lot of money in the long term. A properly designed kitchen will allow for much more efficient cooking, make your kitchen absolutely shine, and bring more value to your home.

How does a kitchen redesign affect my kitchen remodeling budget?

That can vary greatly. Does the kitchen need to be larger? If so, how is this accomplished? By knocking down a wall or adding on to the house? If a wall is to be removed, is it a load bearing wall? Are there plumbing or gas lines needing to be moved? All of these things need to be considered when thinking about various kitchen renovation ideas and working them into your budget.

If the kitchen is staying the same size, is the sink and fridge staying in the same place? What about the stove and oven? Are you converting from electric to gas or gas to electric or staying with gas or electric? Based on the existing flow, or lack thereof, in your kitchen, anyone of the above or all may need to be relocated within the room. If that is the case then the expense of moving the plumbing, gas line, and or electrical outlets definitely needs to be added to the budget.

The flow of the kitchen is one area of your renovation where you do NOT want to cut corners. Realize that once the kitchen layout is decided and building commences any changes become much more costly. Also any layout errors or inefficiencies discovered after the kitchen renovation is completed can not be changed easily. Let them know your kitchen renovation ideas. Listen to your kitchen designer and contractor. Communication is the key! If you feel that there is a disconnect between the you and the designer/contractor, take a step back then approach them again. If you still feel that the communication between you and the contractor/designer is lacking then it very likely would be best to find another contractor. Miscommunication and assumptions can be very costly.

Why hire Innovation Construction Co?

We have been renovating kitchens all along the South Shore and Upper & Mid Cape towns for over 34 years. There is a reason why we have been around that long — we listen — and we communicate well with our clients. Please feel free to contact us to discuss your kitchen renovation ideas.

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