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Fun Attractions In Marshfield Fair MA

Marshfield is a beautiful city with a beautiful cultural and historical heritage. The city is located in Plymouth County in the state of Massachusetts. The city is adorned with all kinds of social, cultural, and historical artifacts and attractions where you can visit and learn more about Marshfield and its people. There are many fun attractions that you should make a point of visiting if you ever find yourself in this lovely city. To ensure that you hit all the nice spots in Marshfield MA, take time to plan your visit before coming here. You can visit various online travel websites to discover the best attractions that you should visit while you are in the city. You can also use this guide to help you find all the fine attractions in Marshfield MA. 

Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary

One of the most popular attractions in Marshfield MA is the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary is owned by the Massachusetts Audubon Society, which is the largest conservation organization in New England. The sanctuary is named after the famous statesman, Daniel Webster, who once owned the land. The Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary covers 507 acres (2.1 km2) featuring grasslands, wet panne, swamps, Webster Pond, and a section on the Green Harbor River. The sanctuary has 2.2 miles (3.5 km) of trails including Fox Hill Trail, Pond Loop, Piggery Loop, River Walk, and Secret Trail. There is a huge variety of species of wildlife in the Daniel Webster Wildlife Sanctuary including various mammals, birds, reptiles, and amphibians. The annual Daniel Webster Farm Day celebration is held in the sanctuary. 

Daniel Webster Estate And Heritage Center

Many attractions in Marshfield MA are named after one of the most famous statesmen from the city; Daniel Webster. One such attraction is the country home where he lived until his death in 1852. This beautiful estate is called “Green Harbor” and there was a time when it covered approximately 1,800 acres. The original house was destroyed by a fire in 1878 but it was rebuilt in 1880 into the beautiful home that stands there today. The size of the property has decreased over the years and it now consists of 14 acres of well-manicured lawns and woodlands. Many fun events are held here including seasonal teas, annual Christmas events, and family fun days. The lovely venue is also available for private events like weddings, corporate events, and special occasions. 

North River Wildlife Sanctuary

The Massachusetts Audubon Society owns another wildlife sanctuary in Marshfield MA called the North River Wildlife Sanctuary. The sanctuary features red ample swamps, woodlands, mixed cultural grasslands, and access to the North River. It has more than a mile of trails including Woodland Loop, Hannah Eames Brook Trail, River Loop, and Red Maple Loop. North River Wildlife Sanctuary is a habitat for many different types of mammals, birds, amphibians, and reptiles. 

1699 Historic Winslow House & Cultural Center

This is the historic home of the Hon. Isaac Winslow who was an early settler of Marshfield MA. The house was built around 1699 and the place was named “Careswell” after the family’s home “Kerswell” in Worcestershire, England. After passing through three generations of the Winslow family, the house was bought by Daniel Webster. Nowadays the house remains preserved and it’s a popular site for various fun events including antique shows, barn sales, and private weddings.