Our latest project was this room addition built under an existing sun room addition to make an in-home office off the finished basement (which we also did!) Below are comments from the homeowners as well as a slideshow of the project, starting with the current look and going back to the “before” photos.

“We hired Innovation Construction to refinish our basement, put in a bathroom, and build an addition to the basement under an existing sunroom above, right on the lakefront.  Keith knows and takes pride in his craft, and he was great to deal with throughout.  He knows the ins and outs of permitting; he has extensive expert contractor contacts, and he is committed to seeing it all through.  Keith provided us with realistic estimates and expert advice; he showed up and delivered as proposed, and he always kept us informed.  I highly recommend Innovation Construction; worth every penny.”

(Alex) from Phil and Alex
Wareham, MA

“I would also add that Keith *shows up*   live and in person at the job site.  This makes a huge difference (I believe) in the quality of the work.

 The pride of an owner who is familiar with nearly every nail that is driven sets the bar pretty high for his employees and puts the homeowners who are laying out a bunch of cash at ease.

 It was a good feeling the whole time knowing that we wouldn’t find something weeks or months later that should have been addressed during the construction phase.

 There are several required inspections, (some with seemingly inane requirements) marking each phase of the construction process and we passed each inspection the first time.

 As Alex said, Keith’s familiarity with the permitting process and his local knowledge and professional relationships had a big pay-off for us.

 If it had been a less knowledgeable or less interested, or too busy, or non-local GC, we may not have been able to get the permits we needed to build, or as it turned out for us, we could have missed a crucial deadline (Conservation Commission new requirements) that could have cost us tens of thousands of dollars more, or made our project unachievable.

 Keith is a respected local tradesman who knows the ins and out of local politics and who has long standing relationships with the people and organizations that a homeowner needs to get the job done with a minimum of red tape, and he is a guy who has a lot of respect for the homeowner . . . a rarity with most contractors whom I have encountered over the years.  No arrogance, no B.S.

 (Thank you Keith)”

Phil from Phil and Alex
Wareham, MA