Plymouth Mass

It may not be much to look at and you may even feel underwhelmed at first sight, but there’s no denying that Plymouth Rock is an important symbol of American history. Resting in one of the most visited state parks in Massachusetts, this amazing piece of history draws nearly 1 million visitors each year.

Known as the first permanent European settlement in New England, Plymouth Rock marks the place where the Mayflower pilgrims began Plymouth Colony. Residing in the same place which also houses the National Monument to the Forefathers, the historic boulder sits on the shore of the Plymouth Harbor in Pilgrim Memorial State Park.

Known as the steppingstone for the pilgrims into the New World, the 10-ton glacial erratic boulder is commonly believed to be the historical landing place of William Bradford and the Mayflower Pilgrims. This famous landmark attracts people who come to see the iconic location and boulder that represents freedom and new opportunities for new Americans.

The Plymouth Rock Monument is located in the town of Plymouth, Massachusetts approximately 40 miles southwest of Boston and just 52 miles before Martha’s Vineyard. With so much history here in MA and no shortage of things to do, you can be sure this would make a great family vacation or long weekend getaway.

In 1774, Plymouth Rock was eventually split into two pieces where the bottom half remained in place at the wharf and the top half was moved to the town’s meeting place. Later in 1834, the top half of the rock was again moved to Pilgrim Hall.

Because it’s been relocated several times throughout the town of Plymouth over the years, today, it’s estimated that only one-third to one-half of the top part of the rock still remains. This should still be high on the wish list for travelers who want to experience and savor American history where it actually took place.