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Plymouth Massachusetts

The beautiful town of Plymouth, Massachusetts is known for a lot of great things like, Thanksgiving, the Plimoth Plantation, Pilgrims and Plymouth Rock. Besides all of these wonderful things you can do in town on your family vacation or long weekend getaway, you can also do wine. Yes, Plymouth is also known for wind.

Though Plymouth isn’t known for its sprawling vineyards or world-renowned grapes, for the past two decades, visitors from around the world have made a point of stopping by the waterfront to try a new wine or pick up a bottle of an old-favorite, all thanks to the great folks at Plymouth Bay Winery.

Valuing its ties with their community, the winery itself has been around for over 25 years on a beautiful location overlooking Plymouth’s busy harbor. Over the years, strong connections and relationships were built as the owners sought out only the best local farmers and producers in order to make their famous wines.

Because the winery specializes in indigenous flavors ingredients and varieties that only come from the area, the wines are pretty much unlike those you can find in Italy, or New Zealand, or even the hills of California. These are fruit wines, grown from berries and grapes specifically native to the region.

Plymouth Bay Winery is not your average winery, and after tasting them, you’ll agree that it’s done well in highlighting the area’s local flavors. Whether you pour wine into recipes, make mixed drinks, try exclusive wine-infused dips and jellies or try the recipe playbook on the winery’s website for inspiration, you’ll love every minute.