Plymouth 5

If you are looking for a fun filled adventure during your family vacation or long weekend getaway, you should add the beautiful town of Plymouth, Massachusetts to that list. With wonderful places to tour, such as Plimoth Plantation, Plymouth Rock, the Plymouth Bay Winery, or Mayflower Brewing Company, fun can be had for people of all ages.

If you haven’t visited the The Blake Planetarium, then you’re sure to be in for a treat. Imagine gazing at a night sky filled with stars only to realize each sparkle in the twisting network is actually a galaxy filled with billions of stars. This is what you will experience during your visit here.

A state of the art facility that immerses its audience with video and sound, The Blake Planetarium is boasted as the only 4K fulldome planetarium south of Boston. Seating 72 people and connecting to an unlimited number of curriculum areas, this is an outstanding, one of a kind resource for any school district and community.

Offering breathtaking views on its dome screen, the Blake Planetarium has high resolution video playback, real time multimedia, multichannel surround sound, and classic astronomy tools that take visitors on fantastic voyages every time. The expansive view of the universe, once the province of astrophysicists, is available to local students at the touch of keyboard.

You are out on the fringe of it all, when suddenly your perspective starts to shift and you zoom in thousands of light years to our own galaxy, your own solar system, your own planet. Recently newly enhanced and renovated, The W. Russell Blake Planetarium at Plymouth Community Intermediate School is an amazing adventure.

A trip to Plymouth just wouldn’t be complete without a stop at this truly wonderful attraction. The planetarium is open to both students as well as the public, and offers an assortment of mind-stretching programs for learners of all ages. So bring the family and your imagination for a super time today.