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Premium Insulated Vinyl Siding

Premium Insulated Vinyl Siding

Structure EPS Premium Insulated Siding: Advanced engineering for advanced quality

Five important features provide Total Linear Rigidity.

Our advanced engineering and design system that makes Structure EPS Premium Insulated Siding at least 200% more rigid than standard vinyl sidings.

1) Superior Choice in Thickness – Vinyl and Insulation

Structure EPS Premium Insulated Siding offers two choices in vinyl thickness. Our double 4-inch clapboard and double 4 1/2-inch Dutch Lap panels offer full .044 inch thickness, while the double 6-inch and single 7-inch profiles boast a .046 thickness adding exceptional strength and quality to an exceptional panel. Furthermore, Structure EPS Premium Insulated Siding offers one of the thickest insulated panels on the market today – up to 1 1/4-inch thick.

2) Custom Locking System

All locks are not created equal. That’s why each Structure EPS profile has a uniquely designed lock so panels grip together for fast, easy installation, regardless of the style of siding you choose. This ensure your siding will stay firmly on the wall, even through the most challenging weather.

3) Tornado-touch Nail Hem or Nail Ridge

Structure EPS offers the right nailing configuration to accommodate each profile. Our classic double-folded nail hem on double 4-inch clapboard and double 4 1/2-inch Dutch lap panels holds the siding securely to the wall for greater stability and a stronger anchoring surface. As a result, the mounted panels achieve maximum wind resistance, capable of withstanding 190 mph winds. Also our double 6-inch and single 7-inch profiles are equipped with superior thickness and our projected nail ridge that is designed specifically for wider profiles.

4) Extra Deep Center Lap Profile

Our oversized 3/4-inch center lap and uniquely angled return provide extra rigidity to keep the boards straight and true. The center-lap casts a dramatic shadow for a beautiful look.

5) Extended return leg

Designed to grip perfectly into the custom lock and provide maximum distance into the locking mechanism, our extended return leg provides added security and strength on the wall. Thanks to its superior engineering, Structure EPS Premium Insulated Siding remains straight and true, while other common siding products fall short.

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