Keith is a Certified Green Building Professional already committed to using such cutting-edge green products as Mold Defense GREENGUARD, an interior gypsum that contains low-emission and recycled materials, and HEATLOK SOY, an energy-efficient polyurethane spray foam that uses recycled rigid plastic waste and soy.

In his search for equally green high quality exterior products for his home improvement services, he found AZEK more than filled the bill.

AZEK products have the durability and weather resistance that brought composites their popularity. But AZEK building products are more environmentally friendly than petroleum-based composites.

Made of energy-saving cellular PVC

The PVC resin used to manufacture AZEK cellular PVC trim is derived from natural gas and common, abun­dant, natural salt (57%). Most other plastics are 100% hydro-carbon based. Cellular PVC, however,

  • requires 50% less petroleum than other common plastics
  • consumes less energy to produce than many other plastics.



Since AZEK products do not use wood, are highly durable, are low maintenance, and resist weathering, chemi­cal rotting, corrosion, shock, and abrasion, they

  • help prevent deforestation
  • save time and energy of annual maintenance
  • avoid use of VOC coating or toxic cleaners.