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After 34 years in the area, Innovation Construction Co. can safely be considered a local fixture. We offer a range of home improvement services from building additions and decks to remodeling kitchens and baths. The website has the details. Since our goal is to make sure our clients get the best possible product within their budget, we’re adding another service to make that happen. We can now help facilitate low cost loans so our homeowner clients can more easily afford the best version of their home improvement dream.Continue reading…

Energy efficiency for new construction

Custom built shed Plymouth MA

Energy Efficiency for New Construction

by Keith Dmytryck

Are you adding on to your home or building a new home? Want a highly energy efficient home or addition? Air sealing a new home or addition is essential for optimal energy efficiency, moisture control and reduced energy costs. Air sealing involves minimizing air leakage in and out of the house using any of several different techniques and materials. Here are some of the standard air sealing techniques and materials that you can use in sealing your new home.Continue reading…

Financing for Home Renovations


Looking to get a loan to remodel your home?  Hiring the right contractor might make a difference!

Lending institutions offer some loan programs to qualified contractors for their customers.  By using a qualified, reputable contractor, the bank has more confidence that the work on your home will be done right, and will be completed, resulting in a lower loan risk.Continue reading…

Increase Cost of Building Materials After a Rough Winter


The building industry cannot escape the law of supply and demand.

Recently there was an article in an online roofing magazine ( reporting a double digit increase in the price of shingles.  The increase is due to the increased demand for shingles in the aftermath of hurricane Sandy.  Imagine the huge number of roofs needing to be replaced after the devastating hurricane.  Manufacturers shipped large supply orders to the east coast, leaving less for the rest of the country.Continue reading…