Eco-Friendly Building Construction

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When you start thinking about eco-friendly “green” building and remodeling, the first thing you need to decide is how “green” you want to be. Do you want to use only salvaged or reclaimed materials? Maybe you want to use sustainable harvested lumber. How far can materials be shipped before the cost and pollution of transportation outweigh the benefits of using salvaged materials? How about heating and lighting? Do you absolutely need a solar water heater, or would it just be an added eco-bonus?

If your main concern is energy efficiency, the main points to consider are high-efficiency windows, good insulation, on-demand water heaters, and Energy Star rated appliances.

Green doesn’t necessarily mean more expensive. Using the proper amount of insulation can have more of an effect on energy usage than adding a whole bank of solar panels.

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    In green building and remodeling the materials you use are important. Instead of a granite countertop trucked in from miles away, consider locally produced terrazzo or concrete. With coloring and other decorative additives concrete can be made to look like almost any stone. Or get creative and design your own countertop to fit your style. New hardwood cabinets are beautiful, but veneer or plywood can have the same look without the need for new lumber. Flooring options abound. If you want wood, reclaimed hardwoods, bamboo, cork, and manufactured wood flooring are all eco-friendly. True linoleum (not cheap vinyl) flooring is also made from renewable resources, and comes in a seemingly endless number of patterns.

    The goal of green building and remodeling is to work with the environment, not against it. Whether you are building a new home or an Home addition, planning a kitchen or bath remodel, or finishing a basement, we can help you design and eco-friendly project and bring it to reality. “Invest in your home,” your health, and the environment with Innovation Construction Company.

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