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Are you searching for a way to eliminate those cold winter drafts and bring down an ever increasing heating bill? Maybe your outdated combination or double hung windows just aren’t doing the job anymore. Our southeastern MA climate can be especially hard on older style windows which may not have been constructed with energy efficiency in mind. Over the years, joints and sashes may have loosened and now allow air to leak in or out. Quality new or replacement windows & doors will keep heated air in and cold air out ensuring your southern New England home stays snug and warm.

New windows, especially vinyl clad with double or triple panes, are constructed with energy efficiency in mind. Innovation Construction understands how the right new or replacement windows can make a dramatic difference in the comfort level of your South Shore MA, southeastern MA, or Cape Cod home. Our home improvement contracting experience has taught us how to choose the right new or replacement windows that stand up to our challenging Massachusetts climate. You can be sure a new window or replacement window will not only be energy efficient, but will fit properly and enhance the look of your home inside and out.

Typical Replacement Window Methods

Benefits of new or replacement windows for southern MA / Cape Cod homeowners


    • New windows provide a warmer, drier, and quieter home in winter with lower heating bills
    • Insulated windows maintain a cooler home in summer, reducing air-conditioning costs
    • Many traditional window & contemporary window options are available
    • Low-E coated windows minimize carpet and furniture fading by restricting ultraviolet rays
    • Modern windows tilt in for easy cleaning and maintenance from inside your home
    • A wide range of popular window frame colors and grid patterns allow a customized look
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    Types & key features of new windows / replacement windows


      • Double hung windows incorporate the traditional look southeastern MA homeowners have loved for generations. They open from the top or the bottom, bringing a wide range of ventilation options. Double hung windows are designed with double or triple panes for increased energy efficiency.
      • Bow windows or bay windows provide the ideal intimate setting to complement any home interior. These special windows give the illusion of a larger room by increasing the flow of natural light in your home and extending views of outside. By design, a bay window or bow window offers an extra seat or a space for displaying cherished family photographs and other precious objects.
      • Casement windows create a contemporary look that can dramatically enhance and update a home’s exterior appearance. They provide maximum ventilation and crank out for easy cleaning.
      • Garden windows allow a little of the outdoors inside your home. Their extra light and ventilation create a mini-greenhouse effect, providing the perfect environment to grow and display your plants & flowers. Though typically found in the kitchen, a garden window can brighten up any room by bringing a touch of nature indoors.
      • Skylights are windows for your roof. A skylight allows approximately eight times as much natural light to flow into the home as a comparably sized wall window. Fixed skylights don’t open, but just allow the light to pass through. Ventilating skylights are perfect for bathrooms and kitchens where they help vent excess moisture. Ventilating skylights can be operated by hand, by a remote, or even an automatic temperature sensor. Tube skylights concentrate and deliver even brighter natural light and are the easiest to install.

    This residence was built in the mid-1980’s in the Mallords Cove Lane area and featured a “Julliet’s” balcony. The challenge that we encountered here involved a common occurrence that exists during the construction and installation of these type of balconies. Specifically, the original construction technique had lead to many years of water damage, which occurred in both the master bedroom and eventually spread to the family room below.

    Since it was our recommendation and the wish of our client not to eliminate the beautiful views of the pond, we elected to replace their wood patio door with a new angle bay window which also included a unique interior window seat.

    We also found that the two windows which were first installed over the
    kitchen sink area were failed and lacked originality.

    We therefore decided to install the new windows with a pristine look that extended out from the house, which created a more dramatic appearance. Moreover, the Home additional ledge space created in front of the sink area inside the house added both beauty and functionality.

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      Exterior & interior door installation, entry doors, storm doors, patio doors & steel doors


      Just like old windows, older doors can contribute to cold drafts and rising heating costs. A door that was not properly installed won’t have a tight seal and can be a major source of energy loss. Even a tiny gap as narrow as 1/8-inch can create a major air leak. Our southern MA / Cape Cod climate can be especially hard on older entry doors that no longer fit tightly or were not designed with energy efficiency in mind. A quality new door or replacement door will keep the warm air you’ve paid for inside your home where it belongs.

      Modern doors manufactured for our southern MA weather are built to be energy efficient. Innovation Construction can install a new door or replacement door that can make a big difference in the comfort level of your South Shore MA, southeastern MA, or Cape Cod home. During our three decades as a home remodeling contractor, we’ve installed many exterior and entry doors. We know how to help you choose the right new door or replacement door that will look great, fit well, and seal out the cold winds of our New England winters, as well as cut warm air infiltration on those hot summer days.

      Our client’s 15-year-old nine foot wood patio door unit was rotted, water damaged, and in need of replacement.

      Their choice was to replace the existing nine-foot unit with a similar wood patio door unit. Today’s door construction technologies are improved from the mid 1980’s and will provide many years of warmth and beauty.

      Advantages of new / replacement doors for
      southern MA homeowners


      • A new door will help reduce energy costs and add value to your home
      • Many traditional & contemporary entry door and interior door designs a& colors are now available
      • Modern energy conscious entry doors can incorporate attractive insulated windows
      • A wide range of popular door colors and patterns allow a customized look

      Pictured here is a typical exterior steel door unit with-in close proximity to The Standish Shores. Rust has developed on the exterior of this five-year-old door unit in part to a lack of finished paint being applied after installation.

      Although we recommend fiberglass replacement door units near the seacoast, this steel replacement door unit incorporates one large panel of glass for an unobstructed view of their rear yard and children’s play area. The unique feature of this door unit is the carefree Levolor mini-blind located between the panes of glass.

      Our finished installation also includes a white aluminum storm door for Home additional weather protection.

      Innovation Construction Co services Upper and Mid Cape and most of Plymouth County

      Characteristics and types of new doors & replacement doors


      • Fiberglass doors offer a good compromise between budget, insulation, security, and aesthetics. Since a fiberglass door is usually molded to imitate the texture and grain of wood, they are almost as attractive as a wood door and can usually be stained or finished in the same way. A low maintenance option, fiberglass doors resist dents and are nearly three times stronger than wood.
      • Vinyl entry doors, like fiberglass doors, are low maintenance, and provide security and durability. Excellent insulators against heat and noise, a PVC exterior door may be a good choice for a South Coast MA homeowner who is concerned about dampness.
      • Wood doors are elegant, stylish, and widely available. Easily made to order, a wood door can be fitted to any size door frame. Wooden entry doors or replacement doors are available in a huge range of finishes and styles, from classic to contemporary. Stains, varnishes, and paints can enhance the beauty of exterior and interior wood doors, complementing the look of your home inside and out. A composite wood door can even save you up to 40% on your next energy bill by being more efficient at retaining hot and cold air. A solid wood or composite wood front entry door is easily customized to show off the entrance to your home. Add special fittings, decorative glass, doorknockers, and doorknobs to your wood door or composite wood door and it will match whatever theme you choose.
      • Steel doors are strong. They offer extra security and are a good choice where durability and safety are your primary concerns. A steel door resists nearly anything the harsh New England elements can throw at your home. They will not warp, crack, or chip, and steel exterior doors are a great option where fireproofing is important. The long lifespan of a steel door makes them very cost effective.

      Innovation Construction features the quality door and window product lines of Andersen, Silverline, Harvey Industries, Marvin, and Pella windows and doors. Manufactured with attention to detail and performance, these quality windows and doors and are built to withstand the heat, cold, humidity, storms and even hurricane conditions of South Coast MA.

      Of course, your new or replacement windows & doors must not only be attractive, but must also balance the right look with smooth operation. We offer hundreds of standard window & door combinations and a nearly limitless range of custom options. Innovation Construction will find and install the perfect doors and windows for your home improvement project. Whether you’re renovating, remodeling, or adding a new Home addition, we have the ideal windows and doors to fit the design of your southern Massachusetts / Cape Cod home