Small kitchen makeovers

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Small Kitchen Makeovers

How Do I Make My Small Kitchen Look Larger?


Last week we talked about the importance of the proper layout for your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, designing the best layout to maximize your small kitchen makeovers can be a challenge. Knocking out a wall is not always a viable solution for a smaller or older home. If your yard space or budget is tight, adding on may not be an option either. A professional kitchen contractor can help you create the best kitchen to meet your needs in the space you have.

How can I have enough cabinet space in my small kitchen and leave enough room for everything else?

If you have been thinking of a few different small kitchen makeovers for your kitchen, here are some space-saving kitchen cabinet design suggestions that may work for you. If you are thinking of keeping your existing kitchen cabinets then replace your solid cabinet doors with glass fronts. The cabinetry will not appear so bulky and, by allowing the eye to travel to the back of the cupboard, it will create the illusion of more space. With new kitchen cabinets choose the glass front option.

You may want to consider open shelving, rather than cupboards, for part of your small kitchen. Another idea to consider regarding your cabinetry is the possibility of tucking cabinets into interior walls. If done properly, you have a storage area that will not chop up the layout of the already small space in the room. A professional kitchen remodeler can make sure to consider all issues that might arise with this type of project, including the location of current electrical and plumbing systems and running new wiring or pipes as necessary. The kitchen remodeler may also recommend closing off an unnecessary doorway to give your kitchen more usable space.

Is my current furniture, cabinets and appliances too bulky?

The best small kitchen makeovers stress maximum efficiency and user-friendly work space between the sink, cook-top, and refrigerator. And when you are dealing with a small space, you know bigger is not better when it comes to appliances and furniture. Multi-functional? Even better. Hiring a kitchen contractor that provides both design and build services can make finding these small gems easier, and you will also have an expert in increasing functionality.

Can color make my room look larger?

Painting the walls the same shade as the ceiling can make your space seem larger by eliminating visual breaks that draws the eyes to the edges. Lighter hues tend to make spaces feel airier, which can increase the sense of space even through the room is physically the same size. Selecting visual elements that draw your gaze towards the ceiling can also give the appearance of expanded space. Consider adding a mirror, or another large reflective surface, to your kitchen design plan.

How important is lighting to my kitchen renovation project?

Very! Complete, proper, beautiful and functional small kitchen makeovers have the kitchen flooded with light! Regardless of which color you choose to remodel your kitchen, a lot of light – natural or not – will add a feeling of space to you kitchen. You may not be able to take out a wall or add an addition, but maybe you could add a window. Recessed and task lighting can provide significant light without taking up visual space.

What else can I do to improve my small kitchen space?

Your kitchen design and build contractor can help you incorporate handy storage solutions you need to make your small kitchen a well-organized space. One way is to install lazy susans in any corner cabinet or slide out shelves in the bottom cabinets. It will be up to you to keep it tidy. Clutter makes a room look and feel closed in.

What sets Innovation Construction Co apart from other kitchen remodeling companies?

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