South Duxbury

Kitchen Renovations In South Duxbury

Many Of The Homes In South Duxbury Need Kitchen Renovations

The South Duxbury section of Duxbury, MA is a beautiful historic neighborhood with a great inventory of houses. Many of the houses in this area were built in the middle of the 20th century, but you can find homes in South Duxbury that are centuries old. One thing that most of these homes have in common – whether they were built in 1950 or 1750  – is (unfortunately) outdated kitchens. Many of the kitchens in South Duxbury are at the age where they need major upgrades, if not a complete renovation. With Innovation Construction Company, such renovations are not only possible, but affordable as well.

Expanding Your Kitchen’s Footprint

One of the biggest problems with kitchens in South Duxbury is that they are small. Most of these kitchens were built at a time when kitchens did not need to accommodate islands, ranges, and large stainless steel appliances. They were also built before the concept of the “chef’s kitchen” came into vogue: cooking (and eating) was a much simpler affair. Many homebuyers in Duxbury, MA find that they need to expand their kitchen’s footprint before they can give it the 21st-century upgrades it needs. This means increasing ceiling space and floor space within the kitchen. Expanding any room in the house, but especially a kitchen is difficult work. A kitchen expansion in South Duxbury is certainly not a DIY project. That is why it is highly recommended that you call a South Duxbury kitchen remodeler to assist with the expansion.

New Lighting

Because of the age of most homes in South Duxbury, it is rare to find a kitchen in this area that has updated lighting. Even if a home has gone through several renovations, you will probably not find new lighting in a South Duxbury kitchen, unless it was renovated within the last few years. Kitchen lighting upgrades in Duxbury, MA include track lighting, which will highlight all the other beautiful new upgrades in your renovated kitchen.


Another major complaint that homebuyers have about kitchens in South Duxbury – aside from the small size – is that the countertops are outdated. This is because of the age of most homes in the area. If you would like to bring your South Duxbury up to date, you have several materials to choose from:

●     Granite

●     Marble

●     Slate

●     Composite Material

Each of these materials is elegant and functional. Each material can also be installed by a local contractor in Duxbury, MA. All you have to do is choose the material that best matches your aesthetic, as well as your cooking needs.

Permits In South Duxbury

To begin work on a kitchen in South Duxbury, you will likely need a permit. This will almost certainly be the case if you own one of South Duxbury’s historic homes. Instead of trying to cut through this red tape yourself, hire a local contractor to do it. This is another helpful service that a Duxbury, MA kitchen contractor can provide.