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20 Deadly products in your pre ’70’s home?

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20 Deadly Products: Are They Hiding In Your Home?

Posted by Innovation Construction Co

for Brian Turner

Once considered a “miracle mineral”, the properties of asbestos that made it so desirable for use in construction and products are the same properties that turned it into a curse for many families. Asbestos exposure is the known cause of mesothelioma and other rare and deadly asbestos-related diseases. Despite being considered a rare cancer, the places where asbestos exposure can happen are surprisingly common and still exist.With such a serious outcome from simply being in the presence of friable asbestos, it’s important for individuals to learn about products that may be the link to these deadly diseases. In the exclusive images provided to the MCA, learn more about the common asbestos-containing products that may still be hidden in your home where asbestos can be found:

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