Traits to Look For in a Remodeling Contractor

Traits to Look For in a Remodeling Contractor

(Part 1)

By Keith Dmytryck

Choosing a remodeling contractor can be daunting. Remodeling is not a cheap project for any homeowner to take on and so the utmost care must be taken to ensure that the project is started and completed by a reliable, competent and professional remodeler.

The following are 8 of the 18 traits of a good remodeling contractor.

1. Responsive
Make a short list of your prospective remodelers and give each one a first call and a second call. Do not go for those who do not return the calls. It would be a major headache for you if you embark on a remodeling project only to find out that the remodeler you have enlisted for the job does not return your calls.
2. Prompt
After a couple of calls you may be able to narrow down further your list of remodeling contractors. It is at this point that you could arrange for a meeting with them. The remodeler who shows up for the meeting punctually is a good choice. The one who shows up late or does not show up at all can be marked off your list.
3. Organized
It would be wise for you to set aside time for checking up on the remodeler’s work site. If his workplace is well-organized and the workers are moving with clear direction, efficiency and precision, this is a good sign that the remodeler can get things done. However, if his work site is one big mess and his workers do not seem to know what to do, he is a poor choice for a remodeling contractor.
4. Licensed and registered
Before working with a remodeler, make sure his business is licensed and registered according to your state’s legal requirements. Only a duly registered and licensed business can be held accountable and responsible for damages that may incur on your property during the course of a remodeling project.
5. Insured
Ask the remodeler for his certificate of insurance. This important document indicates that the company holds sufficient general liability insurance as well as workers’ comp insurance. Check to see that the insurance covers theft of materials that have been delivered to the job site but are not yet installed.
6. Has a fixed address
A remodeler should have a verifiable, fixed address such as an office or at the very least, a home office. This way you will know where to go to file complaints or other concerns. A remodeler who works at an informal, mobile office (such as the back of a vehicle) is difficult to trace or track down.
7. Transparent
A professional remodeler will not be offended if you check on his business credit report (which you can easily obtain from the bank). On the other hand, if he is reluctant to give you his name, address and EIN number, he may be hiding something.
BBB8. Has a good working relationship with his business contacts
You can easily check on a remodeler’s reputation by asking for a referral list of the suppliers and trade contractors he has worked with. Contact these suppliers and contractors and ask if the remodeler in question shows responsible business dealings such as paying on time and in full. If you do not bother to do this step and the remodeler happens to have unpaid debts, you run the risk of facing a construction lien filed by an unpaid contractor/supplier on your property.

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