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White Horse Beach

Buying A Historic Home In Plymouth’s White Horse Beach

White Horse Beach Is A Great Neighborhood For Homebuyers

If you are thinking about buying a home in the Plymouth, MA area, you are probably wondering what neighborhood to live in. We’ve got three words for you: White Horse Beach. White Horse Beach is a leafy, charming neighborhood that borders a picturesque public beach (the beach that the neighborhood is named after). Living in White Horse Beach is almost like being on vacation year-round. This is a tranquil neighborhood in Plymouth, MA–one that truly has something for everyone.

The Historic Homes Of White Horse Beach

One of White Horse Beach’s biggest assets – aside from its pristine location – is its wonderful housing stock. If you are looking for a historic home in Plymouth, MA, White Horse Beach is the place to be. Here you will find homes that date back centuries, to a time before the United States of America was even a country. Having the chance to own a piece of American history is one of the reasons that so many homebuyers have their sights set on White Horse Beach.

Issues With Historic Homes In White Horse Beach

Historic homes in White Horse Beach are by no means shabby: these homes are elegant and well-kept. That said, like all historic homes, the homes in White Horse Beach will likely have issues that you as a homebuyer will need to tackle. For one, the construction history of White Horse Beach – and Plymouth, MA as a whole – involves the use of hazardous materials like lead and asbestos. HIstoric homes in White Horse Beach may also suffer from mold and mildew, structural damage to the wood (from termites, for example), faulty piping, or any number of other issues. In most cases, these issues are not the end of the world: they are simply the price to be paid for owning a historic home. And with the right help, all these issues are easily fixed.

Repairing Your Historic Home In White Horse Beach

You may have seen DIY home repair shows, or YouTube videos, devoted to the repair and renovation of historic homes. While these shows are fun to watch, actually repairing a historic home (especially a historic home that is hundreds of years old, like those found in the Plymouth, MA area) is difficult, intensive labor with a steep learning curve and little room for error. That is why you should not attempt to rehab a historic home yourself. Another thing to keep in mind is that homes listed on the National Register of Historic Places have very specific stipulations regarding the kind of work you can do to them. To play it safe, and to make things easier on yourself, it is best to call a home repair company in Plymouth, MA. One of the most reliable construction companies in Plymouth, MA is Innovation Construction Company. This is a local company that has performed countless repairs on countless historic homes in White Horse Beach and beyond.