Why Hire Us

Why Hire Us

Our answer to that includes lots of proven results, not just hype. But before you get to our words, please check out the words of people with nothing to gain from your business: past clients (and many repeat clients) who were so satisfied they gladly provided testimonials.

There are a number of reasons we feel you should hire us, whether you are looking to design and build or to enhance your existing home with a full Home addition, kitchen remodel, garage renovation or any other home improvement:

  • We have been builders in the greater Plymouth MA area since 1980
  • We have never had a complaint filed with the BBB
  • We give honest, realistic estimates -no “surprise” overruns
  • We give truthful, realistic timetables so you know how to plan
  • We build based on long-term quality (not short-term curb appeal), and stick around to back up our guarantee
  • We have (have we mentioned?) many testimonials from happy clients

Keith Dmytryck, Owner & Operator

Now what does all this actually mean? Well…

Have you ever hired a contractor based on a low price only to have him say, mid-project, that material costs have increased or permitting was more expensive than anticipated or (fill in the blank) is always an extra — and now he needs more than the original estimate?

Have you had a contractor promise you that a job would be completed within X weeks (your wish and goal) only to find that there is no way it is going to be completed by the stated deadline he assured you would be achieved?

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    None of the above happens with us. In fact, I abhor those kinds of business practices and, as founder and owner, have created a business model that prevents them from intruding into even the smallest project. When I meet with a prospective client, we go over in detail their goals, dreams, and plans. Based on this extensive conversation I devise a realistic, honest, quality-oriented construction plan that provides the best result possible within the stated budget. I am prepared to lose a bid rather than fudge on the completion dates or costs required for a durable structure of high quality materials correctly installed to meet warranty. I do not operate on the sadly familiar principle of “get the job no matter what, then extort more money from homeowners when they are too deep into the project to change gears”.

    The term “extorting” might seem a bit rough, but here’s a little inside info on how some low bidders plan this type of game. Instead of using 2x12s for support beams or joists they use 2x10s – a slightly cheaper but greatly weaker construction result. Instead of 16 inches on center they may install it at 18 inches on center (meaning that the center of one 2×4 is 18 inches away from the center of the next, meaning their structure has a tendency to buckle that ours does not). The wood they purchase may be 2nd grade wood (more knots or warped) and they may skimp on the nailing, or nail in places (faster and cheaper) where we would use the stronger, more durable grip of a screw. Plain and simple, low bidders are cutting expenses somewhere, whether it is in the quality of the workmanship or materials used or they carry inferior insurance coverage (or none at all), or pay employees and or suppliers poorly or don’t take the extra time and expense to follow OSHA safety.

    My goal, and my company’s, is to build or improve your home with the most excellent result you are able to afford – not to deceive you about what your budget can buy or push you beyond your budget comfort zone. Our goal is to work with you in a team effort to guide your vision into a solidly crafted reality within the range of your budget.

    That is why you should hire us. And why, once we’re working together, I aspire to make you glad that you did.

    __ Keith Dmytryck, Founder, Owner, and Operator of Innovation Const. Co. Inc.

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