accessible bathroomIf you saw our last post on the many options for finished basements, you’ve seen the cost-effectiveness of increasing your livable space by having your basement professionally finished. The beauty of all that available space really shines through when your remodeling needs include accommodating wheelchair accessibility. The space requirements for wider doorways, adequate turnarounds, and barrier-free thresholds and shower areas can be challenging to reconfigure in existing rooms.

The unused basement – just waiting to be shaped to your needs – offers an opportunity to create just what you want with more freedom of design and fewer complications in crafting that design to your specs.

A well-designed accessible bathroom has a floor plan that allows easy access to all features of the bathroom enough space to enable easy maneuvering of a wheelchair to freely access the sink, toilet, and shower.

For the sink, essential space considerations include height depth, and knee clearance. Standard requirements are that the sink extend a minimum of 17″ from the back wall and have no less than a 29″ clearance from the floor, with the countertop no higher than 34.”

The toilet should have a seat at least 15 inches above the floor and be equipped with a grab-bar (attached properly to the wall or floor or incorporated as part of the unit). Although the toilet is a feature most easily adapted to an existing bathroom, the room for a wheelchair turning radius is not so easy to find or create in an existing bathroom.

For bathing, a barrier-free roll-in shower with threshold trench drain is an ideal setup (and requires enough space to be a problematic retrofit). Your design options for an accessible shower really open up when you have a basement space to work with.

Finishing a basement will generally cost less than other home remodeling projects since all building normally stays within the existing house structure. The payback is terrific, and the options almost endless. At Innovation Construction Co. Design & Build, we have the expertise and years of experience helping homeowners transform “what lies beneath” into their favorite new rooms! We also renovate wet cellar areas, and feature mold & mildew resistant materials such as Mold Defense® by Lafarge, as well as the most up-to-date air quality systems for optimum health advantages.

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Chuckle of the Week

Two men on a building site are arguing about who’s the strongest.

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“Okay,” says the second man. “You’re on.’”

The first man grabs the handles of the barrow and says, “Right. Hop in.”